In Defense of Rereading: 6 Reasons to Reread

In Defense of Rereading: 6 Reasons to Reread

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Unsure what to read next? Maybe you’re feeling the pressure to check new releases off your TBR. But sometimes returning to an old favorite can be just as rewarding as picking up something new. Still need to be convinced? Read on for some of our favorite perks of rereading books.


You can revisit your favorites

Old books are like old friends: You can spend some time apart, but it’s always fun to catch up. Fall in love with your favorites all over again when you reread them. Just like you rewatch your favorite movie from time to time, why not do the same with your favorite book?


You might notice something you missed before

When you reread a book, different things will stand out. Maybe the first time you read it, you enjoyed the descriptions. On a second read, you might soak up more details about the characters. Who knows what’s hiding inside a book you’ve already enjoyed!


You’ll bring new experiences and ideas to the text

Reading doesn’t happen in a vacuum: Your experiences and the other media you’re consuming can play into what you take away from a book. You aren’t the same reader anymore, so of course the reading experience will be different!


If you already own the book, it’s free

Book budget looking a little tight this month? Never fear! Rereading something will make things a little bit easier on your wallet.


It won’t take up extra shelf space

Are your bookshelves overflowing? Are you completely out of room for new books? Don’t worry. By reading something you already have in your home, you’re not adding to the clutter!


You can change things up

You don’t have to stick with the same format. Did you read on paper last time? Check out the audiobook! Did you read an ebook last time? Check out a physical copy from the library!

Elizabeth Rowe
Elizabeth is Bookish's Senior Editor and a graduate of Columbia University's MFA program in Nonfiction Writing. She is based in San Francisco and can frequently be found at Philz with her nose in a book. Her current obsession is the My Struggle series by Karl Ove Knausgaard, and she thoroughly embarrassed herself when she met him shortly after the release of volume four (and she has the photos to prove it).


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