#KillYourTBR2017: July Reading Challenge

#KillYourTBR2017: July Reading Challenge

For this month’s reading challenge, we want readers to look to the past. Has listening to Hamilton on repeat inspired you to hunt for a book on the founding fathers? Or perhaps you want something that explores the lives of men and women who weren’t in our history books, like Hidden Figures? Either way, we want you to use this month to read about the life of a figure you want to know more about. And if fiction is your style, we’ll accept alternate histories too. Check out our reading suggestions below.

Tell us about the book you’re picking up for the challenge in the comments or by using #killyourtbr2017 on social media. And check out the rest of our reading challenges here.



Graphic Novels

Young Adult


  1. I’m going for Hidden Figures! I just watched the movie, loved it. And now I’d really like to dig deeper into the story. Perfect timing for this challenge!

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