Quit Your Job! The Best Books on How to Move On

Quit Your Job! The Best Books on How to Move On


We make New Year’s resolutions every January for a reason: There’s no better time for a fresh start. Lots of us use the first month of the year to take hard looks at our lives and careers. If you’re dragging yourself to work every day, itching to try something new or simply in need of a dose of bravery to help you quit (it’s hard!), check out these books. Filled with tips and advice from career counselors and success stories from people who’ve landed new jobs they love, these reads will motivate you to move on and guide you through the quitting process.

Ready for a change?

  1. Directed at baby boomers considering a professional shift, broadcast journalist Jane Pauley’s “Your Life Calling” is an inspirational book about starting over in the middle of one’s career. Pauley does what she does best, interviewing baby boomers who forged new careers later in life. Though written for a particular audience, Pauley’s book’s message is just as resonant for younger folks thinking about chasing a career dream: Don’t be afraid to take a leap.

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    2. What Color Is Your Parachute? 2014

    The gold standard in self-help career books, “What Color Is Your Parachute 2014”—the latest edition in author Dick Nelson Bolles’s seminal series–offers updated guidance on how to find the job of your dreams. Since the first version of “Parachute” was published in 1970, Bolles has asked readers to ask themselves the same questions: What do I love to do, where do I love to do it and how do I go about finding a job that matches both criteria? Finding your passion is easier said than done. As you think about leaving your current job, use this book to help you home in what truly moves and inspires you.

  3. Feeling burned out? You know—so “blah,” you’re phoning it in at work? You’re probably in a job that’s not allowing you to use all your talents and gifts, writes author David Howitt in his new book, “Heed Your Call.”Through his inspiring story and the up-by-the-bootstraps tales of other successful entrepreneurs, Howitt—CEO of the entrepreneurship NGO The Meriweather Group–reveals how to tap into your inner creative to find true fulfillment at work.

  4. If the title isn’t obvious enough, in “How to Change Your Life,” life coach Benjamin Bonetti offers step-by-step instructions for identifying your strengths and goals, as well as tips on hos to transition into the next phase of your career. Confronting the unknown can be intimidating; at a career crossroads, it’s perfectly normally to face self-doubt. Bonetti’s upbeat book will make the notion of changing jobs seem far less daunting.

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    5. Mastering the Art of Quitting

    How to quit–without burning bridges

    All right, so you’ve finally decided to quit: Now what? In “Mastering the Art of Quitting,” authors Peg Streep and Alan Bernstein offer hardnosed advice on how to separate yourself from a job that’s not doing it for you. When it comes to quitting, Streep and Bernstein argue that people tend to rationalize to find reasons to stay, dragging out the experience. The authors reclassify quitting as a positive, healthy action. After all, they write, when you stick around at a gig that’s not allowing you be your best self, you cut yourself short.

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    6. Jump Ship

    In line with Streep and Bernstein, entrepreneur, television host and youth mentor Josh Shipp’s new book “Jump Ship” offers similar advice on how to leave a job that’s bringing you down. Shipp shares young job-jumpers’ stories and lays out concise instructions to guide readers through quitting. It’s a clear roadmap that’ll help you leave your gig as gracefully as possible.

    Need more help? For tips on how to land your next great gig, check out these handy guides for job-hunters.


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