Wine & Dine: Recipes for Your Book Club’s Queenie Meeting

Wine & Dine: Recipes for Your Book Club’s Queenie Meeting

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Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams is Bookish’s spring 2019 Kelly’s Pick and we want any book clubs planning to read it to be prepared with everything they need for a great meeting! This includes discussion guides, a quiz, a playlist, and snacks. Book clubs can’t go wrong with wine and cheese pairings, but we find our favorite meetings are the ones where the food and drinks are directly inspired by the book. Here, we’ve rounded up five recipes for your book club’s discussion of Queenie that will leave your members satisfied.


Food plays an important role in Queenie. The book opens with a hunt for comfort food after Queenie receives some bad news, and it closes with a meal that is significant to Queenie’s journey. As she struggles with her mental health, Queenie frequently loses her appetite. Still, she’s reminded that food brings people together and offering to share a meal is often the first instinct for family members seeking to help her through tough times. Here are three treats we recommend sharing at your book club meeting.


Jamaican Bun

This is Queenie’s favorite comfort food, and she goes to Brixton searching for it only to learn that the bakery she loves has been replaced by a new burger spot. Before your book club meeting, why not whip up this fruity baked good? For members who love a sweet and savory combo, you can serve this with hard cheese. Find the recipe here!


Mushroom Pizza

In the book’s final scene, Queenie and her friends and family enjoy some pizza, including some topped with mushrooms. We love how the rich and savory taste of mushrooms goes with cheese pizza, and we bet your book club will too. Check out the recipe here. For those who don’t love fungus, you can always offer alternatives instead, perhaps as a toppings bar!


Fish and Chips

Though Queenie herself doesn’t eat fish and chips in the novel, this is a popular dish in England and one that we believe many of the characters would have enjoyed. We also love how it will have your book club imagining they’re strolling through London. Need a recipe? Look no further.



Themed drinks are one of our favorite things about book club. Queenie’s family doesn’t drink alcohol, at least not since her granddad first tried sherry and did not find it to his liking. Meanwhile, Queenie and her friends often mark their gatherings with a bit of bubbly. Below we have both a cocktail and a mocktail for book clubs!

Cocktail: Pomegranate Orange Prosecco Cocktail

Whether they’re watching fireworks or simply sitting down to dinner, Queenie and her friends often toast with a bubbly drink. We don’t think you can go wrong with a glass of straight Prosecco, but it’s also super easy to turn into a fun cocktail: all you need is a little orange juice (inspired by the gorgeous orange book cover) and pomegranate juice. Here’s a recipe we loved!


Mocktail: Blood Orange Cooler

In keeping with our orange theme, this delicious drink is made with blood orange juice, coconut water, lime juice, and seltzer. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for your book club meeting. Check out the recipe here!

If you are enjoying a cocktail, please remember to drink responsibly.


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