Gifts Fit for a Queenie: A Gift Guide for Queenie Readers

Gifts Fit for a Queenie: A Gift Guide for Queenie Readers

The books we love become part of who we are. We know we aren’t alone in finishing a great book and wanting to take it with us everywhere. That’s why we’ve put together this gift guide inspired by Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. Queenie is Bookish’s spring 2019 Kelly’s Pick and we want any book clubs planning to read it to be prepared with everything they need for a great meeting! This includes discussion guides, a quiz, a playlist, and snacks.  These gifts would be perfect to share with your book club at your Queenie meeting—or for you to give to yourself!

Queenie pitches stories about the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements to her editor during the book. We know she’d love this print, and we think your club will too.

Queenie’s friends are her support system, and she lovingly dubs them the Corgis. Their group chat is one of the highlights of the novel, which is why we think your book club will wag their tails for this phone case.

Over and over again, Queenie reminds men to keep their hands out of her hair. Readers who relate will love this sticker.

Throughout the novel, Queenie experiences emotional ups and downs. But no matter how hard things get, she continues to persevere. Maya Angelou’s words ring true for Queenie.

Queenie examines her relationship with men over the course of the novel, and we think she’d heartily agree with this sentiment (in Queenie orange no less!).


What’s a queen without her crown? We think this royal pin is perfect for fans of Queenie.


During a Black Lives Matter march, Queenie joins in as the group chats “WE ARE ENOUGH.” It’s a message Queenie herself needs to hear in that moment, and we hope this candle helps the meaning to resonate with your book club.

Our last treat for Queenie readers is a series of free bookmarks! Print them out for all of the members of your book club to help them keep their place.


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