Prevent Colds With Immunity-Boosting Foods

Prevent Colds With Immunity-Boosting Foods


With clans coming together en masse for the holidays, it’s important to remember that your family can be your worst enemy when it comes to spreading germs. Think of all the objects, rooms and surfaces you share.

This cold and flu season, arm yourself against germs and other yucky ills—beyond washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough—with these books that offer novel tips steering clear of contagion by changing the way you eat.

“Superimmunity for Kids,” by Leo Galland, M. D.
While you don’t have to turn your whole grocery list upside down, Dr. Leo Galland suggests that adding immunity boosting foods (such as seafood and liver) can help keep your kids healthy.  Plus, there’s useful information specifically for expectant mothers, because really, pregnant women have enough to deal with without catching a cold?

“Boost Your Child’s Immune System,” by Lucy Burney
An expert in nutrition, Lucy Burney helps break down what nutrients in foods can help your kids stay healthy–which include fall produce such as squash and pumpkin. She includes meal plans and recipes fit for the whole family, from babies to teens. Plus, peppered throughout the book are helpful tips on identifying food allergens and excluding hormones from your diet. 

“Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health,” by Susan Roberts and Melvin B. Heyman
The authors of this book are nutrition pros and parents, so they combine professional and personal experience in this how-to guide for caregivers. They argue that certain foods and eight specific nutrients can help fight germs, as well as boost your child’s IQ. The experts also offer tips on how to create healthy eating behaviors by adapting feeding techniques to the child’s natural instincts.

“The Top 100 Immunity Boosters,” by Charlotte Haigh
The first step in building immunity through diet is to identify the foods you need to add–or in some cases, remove–from your diet (such as high-calorie drinks; maybe Mayor Mike Bloomberg is on to something?). This books highlights different types of foods and how much or how little to incorporate into the diet. For instance, babies need 50 percent of their calories to come from fat. Who knew?


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