Political Picks

Political Picks


A selection of books on U.S. politics — as suggested by Katie Fransen of One More Page Books.


The Handmaid’s Tale
Margaret Atwood
“And one classic: With women’s health at the forefront of this election, Atwood’s novel—first published in 1985—about government-mandated pregnancy in an era of declining births is as relevant as ever. A chilling book that will leave you pondering the fate of modern women.”


America, You Sexy Bitch
Meghan McCain & Michael Ian Black 352 pages | 2012
“After so much reading about the dire state of American politics, treat yourself to a few laughs. Liberal comedian Black and conservative pundit McCain go on a cross-country road trip, talking with everyone from strippers and anarchists to Mormons and Muslims as they try to understand where our nation is headed.”


The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided…
Joseph E. Stiglitz
“If you’re like me, you’re probably confused by this whole ‘economy’ thing. Who better to explain it than the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences? Stiglitz shows how income inequality is hurting the economy and why our outsized growth needs to be better regulated.”


Final Victory
Stanley Weintraub
“FDR’s fourth and final term was no gimme. WWII was ongoing, his health was declining, and he faced an opponent flush with funds. Yet thanks almost solely to his charisma and wit, he still managed to win. Weintraub tells the story in gripping fashion and subtly makes the argument that money isn’t the only thing that wins elections.”


Little America: The War Within the War for…
Rajiv Chandrasekaran
“The author, a longtime editor and war correspondent for the Washington Post, traveled to Afghanistan to see how well U.S. forces understood the country it was invading. Guess what? They had no idea what they were getting into, culturally or politically.”


Private Empire
Steve Coll
“A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist takes one of the biggest, thorniest, most far-reaching issues facing America and dives in headfirst. What’s happening in the oil industry, the corruption affecting the U.S. market, the issues facing our next president—it’s all here.”


What You Should Know about Politics . . . But…
Jessamyn Conrad
“Conrad, the daughter of a North Dakota senator, details each major issue facing the country and the politics behind them in a way that every voter, regardless of party affiliation, can understand. A must-read before November 6.”


It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!
James Carville & Stan Greenburg
“From two of the top political minds in the country: a book detailing everything wrong with our current political system. The ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ and former President Clinton adviser Greenberg outline what we need to change and how we can fix it.”


Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the…
E. J. Dionne
“In an age when partisanship has overtaken the political landscape, Dionne brilliantly explains how we arrived at this point of extremes as well as Americans’ need to balance love of individualism with devotion to community.”


Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their…
Eli Salow
“Each day the President reads and answers 10 letters from the American people. This book follows their lives after receiving the Commander-in-Chief’s reply and, in so doing, reveals the ‘real’ America.”

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