The Seven People You’ll Find in Every Book Club

The Seven People You’ll Find in Every Book Club

People You’ll Find in Every Book Club

Book clubs are great places to meet fellow readers and embrace a shared love of books. But if you’ve been involved in multiple clubs, you’ll start to notice a few similarities among members. Here we’ve rounded up the seven people you’ll find in every book club. Which one are you?

The one who didn’t read the book

Oops, they did it again. In every book club there is one member who consistently is behind on their reading, sometimes even furiously skimming pages to catch up as the meeting begins. Lucky for them, we’ve put together a list of ways to get through a meeting where you didn’t read the book.

The one who agrees with everyone

Some readers prefer not to rock the boat. They aren’t attending book club meetings to engage in spirited debate, they’re there to read more and spend time with their friends. Easy to spot, they generally offer up an “I liked it!” and little more when asked about the book. The best thing about this type of member is you know they’ll always be in on your side when you drop a divisive opinion.

The one who hates every book

Everyone’s a critic, and this type of member takes the role to heart. They come to book club meeting armed with a bullet point list of what they thought worked and didn’t in the book. This member can be tough to impress, making it all the more satisfying when you’re the one to pick a book they actually love.

The one who tries to control the conversation

The most successful book clubs are ones with good leaders, but sometimes a single member can take over and monopolize the conversation. From shutting down non-book conversations to dictating which topics are covered, this member may let their passion for reading get in the way of having fun. Remind them that not every second of the meeting needs to be planned, and that allowing for an organic flow of discussion can be the best part of book club.

The one who derails the conversation

This member eagerly joined book club believing that it would likely be more of a eat, drink, and catch up club. While you’re trying to discuss N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season, they’re asking if you’ve seen the latest Game of Thrones episode. While you’re dissecting A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, they’re recapping their day. The best way to handle this member? Invite them over early to help set up and fit in the non-book chat before the meeting even begins.

The one who sticks to their comfort zone

We all know that one member who raises a skeptical eyebrow whenever a book is suggested that’s outside of their preferred genre. They’ll read literary fiction but no genre fiction, or they’ll agree to a mystery but no legal thrillers. Remind this member that book clubs are about experiencing new stories, and that their turn to pick is the perfect time to show their favorite genre off to others.

The one who ghosts

Where in the world is this member? Despite texts that read “see you soon!” and “can’t wait to chat about this one,” this member almost always disappears right before the meeting. There’s a last-minute excuse or perhaps they simply don’t show. They likely have the best intentions, and while some members may grow annoyed with the will they/won’t they show debate, we say look on the bright site: more food and wine for you. Cheers to that.

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