‘Pabst’ and Other Baby Names for Hipster Parents

‘Pabst’ and Other Baby Names for Hipster Parents

The most popular baby names by state have been published by the Social Security Administrationwith Mason (we can thank Kourtney Kardashian for that one) and Emma ranking high across the U.S. Sure, these names are perfectly fine… for other people’s kids. If you’re expecting and want to make sure your child has a name with singular style, look no further. Miek Bruno and Kerry Sparks, authors of Hello, My Name Is Pabst, have grouped together some out-of-the-box ideas for names. We’ve picked our favorites here.“Names That Look Good Painted on a Food Truck”
Put down the artisanal hot dog and envision your child as the purveyor of their very own mobile eatery. Pretty great, right? Bruno and Sparks suggest going with the name Greasily to all but guarantee your kid a life working in a kitchen.“Names You Can Drink at the Bar”
As seen in the book’s title, Pabst is an obvious hipster choice. But think beyond the bar and into the bodega: 4LOKO is a beautiful name that just exudes positive energy.

“Names That Can Rock a Bonnet”
So you were a fan of Oregon Trail as a kid? Bring that fun to the next generation. We’re sure baby Cholera will just love role-playing scenarios from pioneer life. Just watch out for dysentery.

“Names to CTRL-C and CTRL-V”
Font-loving families fear not. Plenty of suggestions lie within the pages of this book, but here’s a tip graphic design types will stand by—you can never go wrong with Helvetica.

“Names Handmade by Etsy”
This spectacular moniker was also found in the “Secondhand Baby Names” chapter, so we’re assuming it must be special. Plus, we’re pretty sure you’ll recall your wonderful weekend in Portland every time you call out for your kid Tchotchke.

“Names You Can Spell, Punctuate, and Calculate”
Grammar-minded folks can choose from a variety of names that will require little copyediting. For triplets, why not try the trifecta of Apostrophe, Ampersand, and Asterisk?

“Brave New Baby Names”
We would be remiss not to include some ideas for booklovers, and while Brontë or Eggers might be at the top of your list, Bruno and Sparks have an even bolder suggestion. Honor your kid with a name from a celebrated classic that engenders bith controversy and adoration to this day— Humbert Humbert.


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