Our Friday Reads: April 10

Our Friday Reads: April 10

Here are the Bookish staff’s personal weekend reading recommendations; have you read any of them? Tell us in the comments what you’ll be reading this weekend! If you’re still looking for some inspiration, check out our Spring Previews.


Apparently David Foster Wallace loved this book. As an unabashed DWF superfan, I’m excited to see the fuss is all about. —Elizabeth


This One Summer

I’m trying to read more graphic novels because they’re woefully underrepresented in my reading repertoire, and this one was recommended by more than one trustworthy source. This book is such an on-point representation of what it’s like to be young: carefree and daring, opinionated and selfish. It’s that moment when you’re still learning but want to believe you know everything. Reading it is bringing back embarrassing recollections of my middle grade years, but also making me feel that much closer to the effortless joy and freedom that summer brings no matter how old you are. —Kelly

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

This is one of those books that’d been on my list for years—a good book to remind you not to complain about a 40 degree cloudy day. —Luke

Black Scorpion: The Tyrant Reborn

As a fan of Jon Land’s Blaine McCracken and Caitlin Strong novels, I’m excited to pick up his latest: Black Scorpion. Plus, there’s a film in the works that’s going to blend Black Scorpion and The Seven Sins, the first book in this series. —Bob


Hot Body Year Round

Cassey Ho is my fitness idol. And maybe life idol. This is her first book and it mimics the style of her YouTube videos. She’s divided the book into the four seasons, acknowledging that each season brings different fitness needs. Plus there are recipes galore! Number one on the agenda for my weekend is picking up ingredients to try a few of them out. —Kelly


To Know a Fly

This is supposed to be really strange and really cool. —Elizabeth

So That Happened

I’ve sometimes wondered about Jon Cryer, who most of us know primarily the second player in Two and a Half Men. Where did he come from, where has he been, and where is he going? In this memoir, Cryer offers readers a front-row seat as he reminisces about his life and experiences in showbiz over the past thirty years. —Bob

H is for Hawk

I’m continuing on in the series, because G is for Grackle was so riveting. —Joe

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