Our ‘Dream’ Cast for the Movie Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman

Our ‘Dream’ Cast for the Movie Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman

When last we heard news of a Neil Gaiman adaptation, the author was discussing his American Godsminiseries. But, last night, we learned that another Gaiman series is getting the big-screen treatment: Actor/writer Joseph Gordon Levitt announced on Twitter that he will produce a Sandman movie based on the first volume of the comics series, Preludes & Nocturnes:

The screenplay will be adapted by Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer. And while rumors are swirling that JGL will star in the film, he clarified on Twitter that, for now, he’s only a producer. That means we need to cast the role of Dream—as well as that of his sister Death, the charismatic John Constantine, crafty Lucifer, and more!

Here’s our dream (har) cast for the Sandman movie. While it would be impossible for some of these actors to leave their pre-existing franchises, in our minds, they’re the best folks for the job.

Dream, a.k.a. Morpheus: Benedict Cumberbatch

We’d love Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch to play Morpheus, the shape-shifting hero of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Like Cumberbatch, Dream can be moody, broody, puckish and vengeful—as, for instance, when he curses his captor to a lifetime of nightmares.

Source: Crushable

Death: Ellen Page

For a “pixie dream girl” without the “manic,” we instantly thought of Inception and Juno star Ellen page as the perfect embodiment of Death, Dream’s older sister. As Page did in her breakout role inHard Candy, Death exerts a kind of calm and cheerfulness as she goes about her morbid business.

Source: Tumblr/We Descended From No One

John Constantine: Jeremy Renner

While the magician and con man Constantine was originally modeled on singer Sting, we envision an actor who can embody Constantine’s world-weariness as well as his charisma. Let’s see Renner briefly hang up his bow and arrow as the laconic archer Hawkeye in The Avengers and instead channel more of the gravity (and ridiculous hair) he brought to his recent role in American Hustle.

Source: Tumblr/Renner GIFs

Lucien: Christopher Eccleston

Former Ninth Doctor Eccleston would have to dial it down to play Dream’s most faithful servant, the librarian Lucien. But, we can’t deny that he looks the part—thin, angular and nerdy. We’d love to see him banter with Morpheus as he faithfully protects Dream’s forgotten library.

Source: Oh No They Didn’t

Nada: Danai Gurira

Ever since she made quite the entrance as the machete-wielding Michonne on The Walking Dead, Gurira has proven that she can play both fierce and soft—the qualities we see in Dream’s mortal lover. The forbidden love between Dream and Nada, an ancient queen of Egypt, caused her city to be destroyed. In her grief, she committed suicide—only for Dream to condemn her to hell.

Source: Huffington Post

Lucifer: Michael Pitt

Gaiman’s image of Lucifer is classic: “The Lightbringer” holds a martini, in a tux wrapped in snakes, his golden wings matching his golden hair, his expression saying (what else?) “Go to hell.” Michael Pitt’s pompous pout has a touch of the brimstone to it, and we mean it as high praise when we say he’d make the perfect Satan.

Source: Tumblr/The Manic Heart

John Dee, a.k.a. Doctor Destiny: John Malkovich

Who better to play the insane-asylum escapee who, armed with Morpheus’ dreamstone, drives innocent people to murder and suicide than award-winning actor and noted creepster John Malkovich?

Source: Tumblr/James Badge Dale

Who do you want to see in the “Sandman” movie? Let us know in the comments!

This piece was updated on September 22, 2014.



  1. Really late to the party, but I like Jena Malone for Death over Ellen Page. Otherwise love all the other picks.

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