5 Things to Discuss at Your October Book Club Meeting

5 Things to Discuss at Your October Book Club Meeting

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The main topic of discussion at your October book club meeting will definitely be whichever exciting new release your group read. At Bookish, we like to start and end our meetings with a bit of general bookish chatter! Here are five things to discuss during your October book club meeting–plus check out our guide for hosting a spooky book club meeting!


Character costumes
Halloween is around the corner, which means it’s time to start putting together a costume! Ask your group if they’ve ever dressed up as a favorite book character. If they haven’t, find out which character they’d most like to pretend to be on Halloween. You can even invite everyone to come to the meeting dressed as literary characters!


Host a carving contest
This is more of an activity than a discussion, but it’s too fun to resist sharing! Tell everyone in your group to bring a pumpkin to the meeting and set up a carving station. Challenge members to carve a character, book cover, or quote. Take a look at these bookish jack o’lanterns for inspiration!


Share your bookish fears
Are you haunted by the books you’ve forgotten to return to your friends? Do you break out in chills at the thought of being stranded somewhere without a book? Earlier this month, Bookish shared a few of our bookworm fears. Ask your group to reveal theirs!


Recommend thrilling reads
Ask each member of the group to share the scariest book they’ve ever read. We bet you’ll be surprised by their answers. It might be the latest from Stephen King or it could be a classic like Roald Dahl’s The Witches. If you’re brave enough, write the books down and try them out yourself.


Turn over a new leaf
If your book club is in need of a shake-up, consider trying out a new format. Earlier this fall, Bookish put together a list of 21 unique book club ideas (ranging from groups based around a single author to ones that follow a theme). We bet there’s at least one idea on the list that your group will want to test out.


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