This Week’s Hottest Releases: May 13 – May 20

This Week’s Hottest Releases: May 13 – May 20

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Spring Previews for the best books coming out this season.

A Shout in the Ruins by Kevin Powers

A Shout in the Ruins, a tale which spans from the Civil War era to the 1980s, explores the South’s painful racial history. The novel is made up of several interwoven storylines. The first takes place on the Beauvais Plantation, where Nurse and Rawls are fighting for their freedom and a future where they can be together. The next tells the story of George Seldom. Orphaned during the Civil War, George seeks to uncover memories of his childhood. The final storyline takes place in the 1980s, where a middle-aged woman named Lottie is reckoning with her own disappointments and the burden of the legacy of those who came before her.

Excuse Me While I Slip Into Someone More Comfortable by Eric Poole

Memoirist Eric Poole is back with a follow up to his acclaimed memoir, Where’s My Wand?. It’s 1977 and Poole is a trumpet-playing teenager living with his Christian family in the suburbs of St. Louis. Poole wants to be a star, and he decides to try out the identities of several of his heroes, such as Tommy Tune and Halston, to name a few. As he ages, Poole realizes that he needs to cultivate his own identity—creatively, professionally, and sexually. In a starred review, Kirkus said of Excuse Me While I Slip Into Someone More Comfortable: Punctuated with highly effective humor, this book could easily serve as a resource for any closeted individuals looking to read another success story.”

A Million Drops by Victor del Árbol

There has been a great deal of tragedy in the Gil family. Deputy Inspector Laura Gil’s six-year-old son Roberto was murdered by a Russian mobster named Zinoviev. Allegedly, what happened next is that Laura tortured and murdered Zinoviev before taking her own life. Laura’s younger brother, Barcelona attorney Gonzalo, is now struggling to figure out why these horrible things happened to his family. Along the way, he uncovers information that reveals how his father, legendary communist Elías Gil, might have been the one who started it all. A Million Drops is an epic tale of one family’s tragedy which reveals the potential for evil within us all.

Armistice by Lara Elena Donnelly

Author Lara Elena Donnelly returns with the second book in her Amberlough Dossier series. Armistice transports readers to the Jazz Age and takes place three years after the events in Amberlough. The narrative follows Aristide Makricosta, Cordelia Lehane, and Lillian DePaul. Aristide was once a member of the resistance, fighting against the facist One State Party. Now he’s in tropical Porachis, attempting to escape traumas from his past. Meanwhile, Lillian is working for the fascist regime to protect her son, while Cordelia is leading the insurrection. When Lillian’s son is put in danger, the three must come together to save him, and just possibly start a revolution.

A Tiny Piece of Something Greater by Jude Sierra

Readers looking for a captivating romance will want to dive into Jude Sierra’s latest. Twenty-year-old Reid Watsford is looking for a fresh start, and he leaps at the chance to move to Florida and stay at his grandmother’s empty condo. He’s hoping to find healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with his cyclothymia, which causes anxiety, mood swings, and prompts thoughts of self-harm. When Reid signs up for an introductory diving class run by Brazilian dive instructor Joaquim Oliveira, the two find an instant attraction. Kirkus called the novel “A realistic look at living and loving in the context of mental illness by an #ownvoices author that doesn’t lose sight of the romance.”

Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron

After the death of their mother, 16-year-old Jaya Mackenzie and her 11-year-old sister Rani are moving to Edinburgh for the summer to live with their father, who is obsessed with the idea of capturing a Being. The Beings are winged, angel-like creatures who began falling from the sky ten days after Jaya’s mother died. No Being has ever fallen to earth and survived, until now. When Jaya discovers a living Being she decides to lean on her new friend (and crush) Allie to help her save it. Young adult readers won’t want to miss Sophie Cameron’s debut.

Scarlet Ibis by Gill Lewis

Even though she’s only 12 years old, Scarlet Ibis Mackenzie has the weight of the world on her shoulders. It’s up to Scarlet to protect herself and her younger brother Red, who has Asperger’s, from their neglectful and abusive mother. When a fire destroys their apartment, Scarlet and Red are put into foster care and separated. Scarlet wonders who will keep Red safe if she isn’t around. Will his new family even know about his obsession with birds and how he loves hearing stories about visiting the wild birds of Trinidad? Scarlet will stop at nothing to be reunited with Red even if that means jeopardizing her life with her new foster family.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Soul by Susan Verde, illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Imagine if music was your best friend. That’s that case for the unnamed main character of Rock ‘n’ Roll Soul, a fun and colorful picture book. The school talent show is fast approaching and the only thing on her mind is music. She doesn’t even care that she doesn’t have an instrument of her own. She can make music with sticks and a can. Music is in her soul and when she gets up on stage at the talent show, she is going to prove it. For every kid about to rock out to this book, we salute you!

Myfanwy Collins
Myfanwy Collins is a Massachusetts-based mother, writer, and reader. She has an MA in English Literature and has published two novels and a collection of short stories. As a young writer, her mentor told her that in order to be the best writer, she needed to first be the best reader. She continues to pursue her best-reader merit badge.


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