This Week’s Hottest Releases: April 22 – April 29

This Week’s Hottest Releases: April 22 – April 29


Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Spring Previews for the best books coming out this season.


When Pennsylvania mule farmer Cy Bellman learns that large fossils are being discovered in Kentucky, he becomes obsessed with the thought of the beasts that formed them. It’s early in the 19th century and Cy believes rumors that these enormous creatures still roam the unexplored West. Cy heads out in search of the mammoths, leaving his preteen daughter Bess behind. Bess, whose mother died, is now parentless, lonely, and left waiting for her father to return to the farm. Cy hires a Shawnee boy named Old Woman From A Distance as his guide. In a starred review, Kirkus raved about this highly-anticipated debut novel from Carys Davies: “A masterful first novel—the sort of book that warms even as it devastates, that forces serious reflection and yet charms.”

Magnolia Table

Chances are you already know Joanna Gaines from the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper, which she co-hosts with her husband Chip. In her debut cookbook, Gaines focuses on the act of gathering loved ones for a shared meal or celebration. Using both her favorite family recipes and those from the couple’s new restaurant, also named Magnolia Table, Gaines packs this book with 125 recipes, stunning photographs, and stories from her own life. On her blog, Gaines shares that the biscuits are her family’s favorite recipe. She writes, “For the past year or so, I have spent almost every Saturday morning perfecting this biscuit recipe, and we finally have one that has the seal of approval from Chip and the kids.” We can’t wait to dig in!

Dead Girl Running

In this spinoff of Christina Dodd’s Virtue Falls and Bella Terra series, former Army officer Kellen Adams is starting over. After escaping her abusive husband, Kellen reinvented herself and took refuge at Yearning Sands, a remote resort on the Washington coast where she now works as an assistant manager. Things turn deadly when Kellen is left in charge and a dead body is found on the resort property. No one is above suspicion—not the guests and not the staff. After a second murder, it’s up to Kellen to find the killer. Dead Girl Running is the first novel in Dodd’s Cape Charade series.

Theory of Bastards

This near-future novel by Audrey Schulman follows scientist Francine “Frankie” Burk. Frankie has been lauded for her evolutionary scientific discovery called Theory of Bastards, which states that children born to cheating mothers have an advantage. Because of her high-profile success, Frankie has been awarded a fellowship with an elite primate facility in the Midwest called the Foundation. There she meets biologist David Stotts, and the two begin to study the Foundation’s bonobo population in the hopes of further verifying and expanding upon Frankie’s theory. As their research progresses, Frankie begins to care deeply for both Stotts and the bonobos they study. When a dust storm ravages the research facility, leaving its technology useless and endangering the lives of all the living creatures within, it’s up to Frankie to find a way for Stotts and the bonobos to get out of the damaged Foundation safely.

Strategic Seduction

Cheris Hodges brings the goods in her latest romance, Strategic Seduction. Moving to a new city is tough. Alicia Michaels, who is moving her PR career to Atlanta, knows this as well as anyone. She’s relieved when she runs into a familiar face, her college classmate Richmond Crawford, but she isn’t prepared for the chemistry that suddenly exists between them. Richmond, clearly a late bloomer, is looking so much hotter than Alicia remembered him. He’s recently moved to Atlanta as well, and the two decide to strike up a professional partnership to open a line of hotels. Their relationship is supposed to be strictly professional, but when neither can deny their attraction to the other, these two go getters will need to decide whether business and pleasure can successfully mix.

Stay Sweet

After three summers of hard work, 17-year-old Amelia has finally been promoted to Head Girl at Meade Creamery. But when the owner of the creamery, Molly Meade, unexpectedly passes away, Molly’s college-aged grandnephew Grady arrives to take over the business and he’s looking to shake things up. Despite Grady’s changes, Amelia is no quitter and she’s determined to stay on and keep Meade Creamery running smoothly. As their business relationship grows, the ice between them starts to melt and new feelings begin to grow. Siobhan Vivian serves up a delicious scoop of first love and girl power in this delightful young adult romance.

The City on the Other Side

A dying fairy gives a young girl named Isabel a necklace and a mission: to bring the necklace to a member of the Seelie Court in the fairy world. Though not one to go on adventures, Isabel feels compelled to fulfill the fairy’s dying wish. She sets out for the fairy world and is unwittingly thrust into the middle of a war between the Seelie and Unseelie fairies. Set in San Francisco after the incredibly destructive 1906 earthquake and in a magical fairy world, Mairghread Scott and Robin Robinson’s The City on the Other Side is an urban fantasy graphic novel that will thrill young readers.

I Walk with Vanessa

Paul & Antoinette author and illustrator Kerascoët returns with I Walk with Vanessa, a wordless tale about childhood bullying and the power of friendship. On her walk home, a young girl witnesses a boy bullying Vanessa, the new girl at school. The next day, the girl decides to thwart the boy’s bullying by walking with Vanessa. As the two walk to school, more and more children join them. Vanessa has a new friend and the other girl has learned about the power of being an ally. This is a beautiful and helpful book for children who are struggling with how to help a target of bullying.


Myfanwy Collins
Myfanwy Collins is a Massachusetts-based mother, writer, and reader. She has an MA in English Literature and has published two novels and a collection of short stories. As a young writer, her mentor told her that in order to be the best writer, she needed to first be the best reader. She continues to pursue her best-reader merit badge.


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