This Week’s Hottest Releases: September 24 — September 30

This Week’s Hottest Releases: September 24 — September 30

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Fall Previews for the best books coming out this season.

Five-Carat Soul

Readers already familiar with National Book Award winner James McBride’s work will be happy to hear he has another book coming out, and this time it’s a collection of short stories. None of these stories have been previously published elsewhere, and all of them are insightful and entertaining in ways that rans of McBride will instantly recognize. . In a starred review, Publishers Weekly raved: “McBride adopts a variety of dictions without losing his own distinctively supple, musical voice; as identities shift, ‘truths’ are challenged, and justice is done or, more often, subverted.”

Riot Days

Those who’ve been following the story of Pussy Riot don’t need to be told who Maria Alyokhina is. For everyone else: She’s a member of the famous punk rock group that went to prison in Russia following a performance in a famous cathedral in Moscow in 2012. This book follows Alyokhina’s time on trial and then her subsequent sentence. For readers who are fascinated and energized by themes of free speech, feminism, and political protest, there isn’t a more exciting or important book to pick up this week.

Sleeping Beauties

Where Stephen and Owen King are concerned, the apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree. Father and son team up in this riveting tale about a world where women fall asleep and develop cocoons around them. If someone touches the cocoon and wakes them up from their slumber, the women react with extreme violence. There’s one exception, however, and her name is Evie. Readers will meet Evie and delve into the life of the one woman without the sleeping problem. We predict you won’t be able to put this one down.

An Enchantment of Ravens

Isobel has an incredible gift: She paints portraits unlike any others. She works for immortal beings with a serious taste for her artwork, along with other human-made things, like food and fabric. But then, Isobel is hired to paint a portrait of a prince named Rook, and she makes an error that could cost her everything she has worked for. Soon, Isobel and Rook find themselves in a dangerous situation where they must work together or suffer dire consequences. This novel will make you believe in the power of art to change lives and minds.

His Perfect Partner

Priscilla Oliveras kicks off her Matched to Perfection series with this tale of a dance instructor falling for a workaholic. Tomás Garcias doesn’t have the time to even think about dating. Between focusing on his job and taking care of his young daughter Maria, he’s spread thin. But practical thinking flies out the window when he meets Yazmine Fernandez. Yaz is a former Broadway dancer who moved to Illinois to care for her sick father. Family always comes first in her life, but the more she gets to know Tomás and Maria, the more willing she is to make room for them.


Kiko Himura is certain that her life will fall into place once she is accepted to Prism, her dream art school. When she discovers that she hasn’t been admitted, she’s devastated. To make matters worse, her abusive uncle has moved in with her family. Feeling directionless, she leaps at the chance to escape her hometown and travel to the west coast with a friend who is visiting art schools there. Akemi Dawn Bowman thoughtfully explores Kiko’s insecurities about her talents, her struggle to embrace her biracial identity, and her journey to heal after sexual and emotional abuse.

The Wonderling

Miss Carbunkle’s Home for Wayward and Misbegotten Creatures is not a nice place to end up, especially for a one-eared fox with no name. This orphan is known only as Number 13, a reference to the number on the medallion he wears. But that all changes when he meets Trinket, a bird who decides to bestow a name upon her new friend: Arthur. Together, Trinket and Arthur decide to take their destinies into their own hands and they begin plotting a way to break free of the wretched Miss Carbunkle. Middle graders looking for adventure will want to pick this book up immediately.

The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine

On a night in 1879, Mark Twain’s daughters asked him to tell them a story and he began to share a tale of a boy named Johnny and his magic seeds. Twain began to put the story to paper, but he never finished it. Over 100 years later, Caldecott winners Philip and Erin Stead have completed what Twain started. The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine introduces readers to Johnny, who is given seeds that allow him to speak to animals and sent on a journey to rescue a prince. This picture book will charm young readers and leave adults grateful that Johnny’s tale finally found its way onto shelves everywhere.


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