This Week’s Hottest Releases: October 22 — October 28

This Week’s Hottest Releases: October 22 — October 28

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Fall Previews for the best books coming out this season.

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts

Book lovers and medieval history buffs, this one is for you. Christopher De Hamel‘s new book will bring readers face to face with some very old, very famous manuscripts from medieval times, and help them to see these works in an entirely new light. Each of the dozen manuscripts highlighted here has a fascinating backstory, cast of characters, and historical context. For anyone who has ever found themselves transfixed by the beauty, history, and significance of an illuminated manuscript (whether in a museum, browsing the internet, or in the pages of another volume), this is the perfect read to pick up this week.

I Can’t Breathe

In 2014, it was a national news story when Eric Garner died in New York City during an arrest by the NYPD. Here, Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi delves into the deeply troubling circumstances of Garner’s death. In a starred review, Booklist wrote: “Taibbi is unsparing in his excoriation of the system, police, and courts that led to the fatal choke hold and worked to blur the abuse afterward, rooted in NYPD’s policy of showing activity through arrests—many times manufactured or bogus—then ‘test-a-lying’ in court about what happened. This is a necessary and riveting work.”

Mind Game

Iris Johansen‘s reputation precedes her, so we know readers will be thrilled to pick up the 22nd book in her Eve Duncan series, out this week. Jane MacGuire has been having strange dreams. In them, a young girl is in trouble. Jane knows that she wants to help her, but with next to no information about her, it is close to impossible. To make matters worse, Seth Caleb enters her life again, and he needs help. Will Jane be able to save the mysterious girl and keep Seth out of danger? You’ll have to read to find out.

The Tethered Mage

The Tethered Mage, the first installment in the Swords and Fire trilogy by Melissa Caruso, explores a world steeped in political machinations, where those born with the mark of the mage are forced to join the Falcon army. Enter Zaira, who is marked but finding a way to keep herself in hiding from the Falcons. Once she shows her power and its ability to destruct, she is reluctantly bound to Lady Amalia Cornaro. Though she is an heir and not supposed to be a Falconer, Amalia finds herself in the role nonetheless. There she uses her understanding of magic and the political skills she didn’t even know she possessed to try to win over Zaira and thwart impending doom.

Christmastime Cowboy

Welcome back to Maisey Yates’ Cooper Ridge for Christmastime Cowboy, the tenth installment in the series. Young love can be painful and no one knows that better than Sabrina Leighton, who lost her teenage heart to bad-boy, Liam Donnelly, when he left her and the town in the dust. What Sabrina doesn’t know is that all those years ago, her father made Liam an offer he couldn’t refuse—leave Sabrina alone and have his college education funded. Flash forward 13 years, Liam, educated, wealthy, and determined to stay away from Sabrina, finds himself working beside her on a project to set up the new tasting room for her family’s winery before Christmas. It’s up to them to decide whether or not to let the champagne corks fly in their relationship, or put a cork in it forever.

Calling My Name

Liara Tamani’s young adult novel introduces readers to Taja Brown, a young girl growing up in Houston, Texas in the 1990s. Her parents are devout Christians who bring their children to church every Sunday. They even give Taja a promise ring when she gets her first boyfriend. Taja feels a spiritual connection to God, but it doesn’t feel anything like her parents’ version of religion. She feels torn between wanting to be the girl her parents expect her to be and wanting to share in the same experiences that her friends are. As Taja starts to push past her parents’ boundaries, she realizes that the rules laid out before her look very different than the rules her brother is expected to follow. This is a quietly affecting novel about a young girl’s thoughts on womanhood, misogyny, spirituality, and African American culture.

Dragonfly Song

Wendy Orr’s latest middle grade novel was shortlisted for CBCA’s 2017 Book of the Year, and now eager American readers can finally get their hands on this exciting fantasy. Written in a mix of prose and verse, this novel tells the story of a young girl named Aissa who is rumored to be cursed, but in truth might have the strength to save her people. Abandoned by her mother, Aissa is placed in the care of a foster family. When her adoptive parents are killed by raiders, Aissa is taken from her home. The only way to win her freedom is to face the Bull King and survive.

A Boy, a Mouse, and a Spider

A Boy, a Mouse, and a Spider, written by Barbara Herkert and illustrated by Lauren Castillois, is a special book about three special characters. The mouse, is the mouse that comes to him in a dream, and later becomes Stuart Little. The spider is within a story he writes about a spider and a pig, which later becomes Charlotte’s Web. The boy is beloved children’s author, E.B. White, and this is the story of how—from his sickly childhood to his adult life on a farm in Maine—he came to write two of the books we love best.


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