This Week’s Hottest Releases: July 23 — July 29

This Week’s Hottest Releases: July 23 — July 29

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Summer Previews for the best books coming out this season.

Careers for Women

Visit the Big Apple of the 1950s in this new novel from Joanna Scott. Maggie Gleason is living in New York City and has a great job. She works for Lee K. Jaffe (or just Mrs. J, for those in the know) in public relations, and her future feels wide-open and promising. She crosses paths with Pauline Moreau, who has come to the city with her daughter looking for a fresh start. Maggie and Pauline work together, and quickly become close friends. But all is not as it seems: Pauline has a secret, and before long, it will catch up to her. Readers are sure to get swept up in this engrossing novel about friendship.


Do you love reading about the Regency era? Have you been meaning to pick up some nonfiction? Well, look no further than Stephen Taylor’s Defiance. Readers will meet Lady Anne Lindsay, who lived between 1750 and 1825 and wrote extensive letters, and mingle with some of the most exciting thinkers of the time including Edmund Burke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Lindsay lived in Edinburgh and then London, and then in South Africa. Readers will relish being along for this fascinating ride, and this book is sure to be especially entertaining for Regency fans.

The Goddesses

For those of you who devoured We Could Be Beautiful by Swan Huntley last year, then this is your lucky week. Huntley is back with another novel, this time called The Goddesses. Nancy and Ana meet at yoga class, and from then on, their lives aren’t the same. Both women fall head-over-heels into the friendship, and soon they are inseparable. But the line between closeness and something far more sinister is very thin, and soon, Nancy and Ana may be on the wrong side of it. Huntley’s latest raises questions about trust and friendship, and will keep readers hooked until the very end.

Gather the Daughters

Fans of dystopian novels, look no further. In the world of Jennie Melamed’s debut novel, Gather the Daughters, ten families have settled an island and started their own society there. The new society has draconian rules about breeding, gender roles, and who is allowed to know what. Men, particularly the Wanderers, are the most privileged citizens, while women are trained to become wives and mothers. But the daughters on this island aren’t necessarily content to live the lives that the men have picked out for them. After an incident on the island, the daughters begin to organize to thwart the fate that they have not chosen.

Between Lost and Found

After years of hard work, Janelle Marshall’s plan for her future is finally coming together. She has a great career, a wonderful boyfriend, a new home, and stability panning out before her. When she receives a call from a mysterious woman begging her to come to South Dakota to help find her missing grandfather, she’s determined to help find him and return quickly to her normal life. But finding him doesn’t prove easy, and the local police chief makes her question if the future she had planned is the one she really wants.


Earlier this year, April Daniels shared the inspiration for her young adult superhero series with us, and we’ve been hooked ever since. This is the second installment in her Nemesis series, which follows Dreadnought, a transgender superhero (mild-mannered civilian name: Danny Tozer). Danny’s confidence as a superhero has grown since the first book, and she’s started to feel like she truly belongs in the hero community. But a new supervillain threatens to tear away everything Danny’s fought for. Can Dreadnought save the day once again?

Spirit Hunters

Middle grade readers will devour Ellen Oh’s paranormal mystery—the first in a new series. Twelve-year-old Harper Raine doesn’t like being the new kid in town, especially since the locals keep insinuating that the house her family moved into is haunted. She agrees it’s creepy, but she doesn’t believe the rumors until her four-year-old brother Michael starts acting oddly. Michael has never been violent before, and Harper fears that his imaginary friend Billy might be to blame.


Hello Goodbye Dog

Moose and Zara are best friends. When Zara is sent to school, Moose is determined to find a way to follow her there. Unfortunately, the teachers don’t appreciate Moose breaking into the school’s library, and he’s sent home. He tries to find Zara in the cafeteria, and once again is taken back home. Hope seems lost until Zara thinks of a brilliant solution. She takes Moose to therapy dog school and he’s soon certified as a class reading dog! This picture book is certain to delight canine-loving readers, and it provides a great jumping off point to talk about the purpose and importance of therapy animals.


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