Naughty and Nice Reads: Winter’s Best Romance Novels

Naughty and Nice Reads: Winter’s Best Romance Novels

Winter is the ideal dating season. What’s more romantic than lacing up and skating across a frozen lake? Curling up with hot cocoa in front of a warm fire? Saving the universe from magical sex maniacs? No? Just me on that last one? Well, me and fans of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Whether you’re looking for a book steamy enough to thaw the fallen snow or you prefer something contemporary and sweet like the latest from Robyn Carr, we’ve got the perfect read for you during these chilly winter months. ‘Tis the season to ditch your real life significant other and curl up somewhere warm for a fictional date with one of these great books.


1. In Bed With A Spy

The spy who loved me

The sidelines of war are no place for this woman; she prefers to be leading the charge. After her husband is killed in battle, Lilias Fairchild picks ups his cavalry sword and earns herself the nickname the Angel of Vengeance. She stunned many a soldier there that day, though none more than British spy Alistair “Angel” Whitmore. When they meet again two years later in a ballroom, he can’t let her go. Angel’s hunting a group of assassins called the Death Adders, a group Lilias fears her late husband may have been a member of. Suspense, adventure, and plenty of romance await the reader who picks up this title.

On shelves: December 2


2. The Ever After of Ella and Micha

Here comes the bride

From childhood best friends to soulmates, Ella and Micha are finally taking the big leap: marriage. The usual wedding jitters abound, but then a package arrives and brings with it memories of Ella’s past. Ella fears nothing more than turning into her mother. She can’t take the thought of being less of a wife than Micha deserves, and of being a poor mother to any children they may have. Ella’s gone through an intense emotional journey throughout this series and this book will give readers closure not only on her relationship with Micha but her relationship with herself.

On shelves: December 2


3. Mai Tai’d Up

Shaken, not stirred

What do you get when you mix a sexy vet, a former Miss California, and 40 pit bulls? One interesting cocktail. The sexy vet in question is Lucas Campbell and if you aren’t swooning yet, he not only saves animals but he also enjoys sailing. He’s eligible, attractive, and impossibly smitten with Chloe Patterson. After ditching her fiancé on the eve of their wedding, Chloe packed up, moved to a ranch in Monterey, and opened a sanctuary for rescued pit bulls called Our Gang. Lucas is happy to lend a helping hand, or anything else she might ask for, and pretty soon the sparks are flying.

On shelves: December 2


4. Dogwood Hill

Touchdown temptation

A trend we love in romance series is the focus shifting to different characters as the books progress. It helps to build an entire world of characters we know and love, plus it makes it incredibly easy to jump into a long-running series without necessarily needing to read everything that came before. If you haven’t yet picked up any of the books from Sherryl WoodsChesapeake Shores series, this might be a great place to start. Liz March is still reeling from a betrayal when she meets former pro football quarterback Aidan Mitchell. Starting something up now would be completely wrong, though the temptation feels too right to ignore. But Aidan didn’t move to Chesapeake Shores alone. He came burdened with a secret that threatens to ruin their chances of living happily ever after.

On shelves: December 30


5. Say Yes to the Marquess

A very long engagement

Eight years of waiting for her fiancé to set a wedding date has left Clio Whitmore humiliated. When she inherits a castle from her uncle, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to call off the engagement and leave with her head held high. Unfortunately, the to-be-groom’s brother has other ideas. Rafe Brandon is determined to see this wedding through, if only so Clio will have the money and security that she deserves—things he desperately wishes he could give to her. So how do you plan a wedding and not fall deeper in love with a bride who isn’t yours? Rafe isn’t sure, but he needs to find out before the church bells ring.

On shelves: December 30


6. Angel in Armani

Fly me to the moon

Lucas Angelo is a handsome surgeon, owner of the New York Saints baseball team, and completely off limits. Sara Charles is desperately attempting to salvage her family’s business and while her wild night of passion with her best client was fun, it wasn’t exactly her smartest move. But when Lucas asks for her to be his personal pilot to fly him to and from his team’s spring training, how can she refuse? Lucas quickly finds himself lost in Sara, captivated by her fearless nature and command of the skies. His family, however, is far less welcoming and they remind Sara just how different Lucas’s world is when compared to hers. It’s sexy, realistic, and a nice addition to Melanie Scott’s New York Saints series.

On shelves: December 30


7. Burned

Burnin’ up for you

It’s been three long years since Iced (the sixth book in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and the first in her Dani O’Malley series) was released. Three years of rereading old titles and not-too-patiently waiting for the day when this book would find its way onto our shelves. The book takes us to a Dublin where battle lines are being drawn. MacKayla, our favorite sidhe-seer, is back in action along with the tall dark and handsome Jericho Barrons. Dani, who narrated Iced, continues to give her POV in Burned. Many readers will also be happy with her getting a little maturity bump. Dani was last seen at age 14, though Moning has said she’ll be older at the end of Burned… and all Ryodan/Dani shippers rejoiced.

On shelves: January 20


8. The Raven

Wounded lark

A walk home turns into a nightmare for art restorer Raven Wood when she’s attacked and dragged into an alley. Then someone, or something, comes to her rescue. Her savoir whispers the words “cassita vulneratus” to her before she loses consciousness. When she wakes up, Raven returns to her job at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery only to find that she’s been missing an entire week and during that period, the gallery was robbed. Police suspect her instantly, and in an attempt to clear her name Raven turns to a man who drags her into Italy’s dark and paranormal underworld. Known for the Gabriel’s Inferno series, author Sylvain Reynard (who is about as mysterious as this new series is) has revealed that the two series are somehow connected. Reynard said that one of the characters in The Raven does appear in the final book in the Gabriel series, and that the Professor and Julianne will cameo in this new series. The truth of what ties these two stories together likely won’t be revealed in this first book.

On shelves: February 3


9. Unveiled

It’s Miller time

Jodi Ellen Malpas is a name you’ve likely heard if you’re at all familiar with the romance and erotic literary communities. She entered the scene in 2012 with her This Man trilogy and started the One Night trilogy in 2014. In this final installment, Livy and Miller are willing to risk everything to be together. One night of passion turned into a love that they can’t live without, but a dark obsession threatens everything they’ve fought for. For those counting down the days until Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters (a mere four days after this book’s release), this series can help those days and nights fly by.

On shelves: February 10


10. One Wish

Wishing for the one I love

Yes, we love romance novels for the hunks and the happily ever afters. But we also love the small towns and picturesque lives that characters build for themselves. Take Grace Dillon: She leaves the fame of being a champion figure skater to open up a flower shop! It’s quiet, peaceful, and honestly leaves her craving just a bit of excitement. Thankfully, this is where Troy Headly comes in. He’s more than willing to break her out of her usual routine, especially when she agrees to a friends-with-benefits situation. It’s all fun and sexy games until Grace’s past comes to town and brings a stop to their romance.

On shelves: February 24

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