Fall 2019’s Most-Anticipated Young Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Fall 2019’s Most-Anticipated Young Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Vampires, faeries, and princesses–no, we’re not describing our Halloween costumes; we’re talking about this season’s must-read YA SFF books! From tales of galactic sibling rivalry to futuristic civil wars to feminist retellings of classic legends, it’s scary how good these books are. Make room on your bookshelves and settle in for a magical fall.

Eclipse the Skies by Maura Milan

Maura Milan’s concludes the Ignite the Stars duology with an out-of-this-world finale. Ia Cōcha once fought against the Olympus Commonwealth, but now she’s agreed to join forces with them. They share a common enemy after all: Einn, Ia’s brother. Einn is working on a plot that could destroy the entire universe, and Ia knows she’s the only one who can stop him. Meanwhile, Knives Adams is stepping into the role of Aphelion’s headmaster and Brinn is unsure of what to do when protests break out over the Sanctuary Act, which protects her refugee family. Fans of the series will not want to miss this thrilling final installment.

On shelves: September 3

Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

What does a Chosen One do after they save the day? Simon Snow finds himself wondering just that after the events of Carry On. Thankfully, he has a boyfriend and a best friend who are more than willing to help him find the answers. Their first stop: the American West. Simon, Baz, and Penny pile into a vintage convertible and hit the road. Along the way, they meet dragons and vampires, run into dead ends, and discover a bit more about themselves and each other. Don’t you cry no more, readers, this book is hitting shelves sooner than you think.

On shelves: September 24

Rebel by Marie Lu

Readers, prepare to return to the world of Legend. Marie Lu is back with a fourth and final installment in the series. Set ten years after Day’s revolution, Rebel finds Day now living in Ross City, which claims to be the world’s fairest city. Citizens earn points based on good behavior that can be used to access healthcare, education, and more. Day knows injustice still exists in the city, but these days he cares more about keeping his brother Eden safe than fighting. As for Eden, he’s seen how the system works against the poorest citizens. He thinks it’s time for a change and he’s willing to risk everything to achieve it. New readers, start your journey with book one. Longtime fans, it’s almost time to reunite with Day, Eden, and June!

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On shelves: October 1

The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh

Pack your bags, readers. Renée Ahdieh’s taking you on a journey to New Orleans. The year is 1872 and 17-year-old dressmaker Celine Rousseau arrives from Paris seeking a fresh start. She’s quickly enchanted by the city’s history, music, food, and an aristocrat named Sébastien Saint Germain. But Celine’s view of the city is shattered when a girl she boards with is found dead. It’s the second murder to strike New Orleans in a handful of weeks, and the appearance of a third body shortly after has citizens whispering about a serial killer on the loose. Celine decides to investigate for herself. Along the way, she begins to suspect that the man she’s falling for is hiding a deadly secret.

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On shelves: October 8

War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi

Tochi Onyebuchi’s latest is set in post-apocalyptic Nigeria after the world’s been devastated by climate change and nuclear war. Sisters Onyii and Ify are living in 2172 and trying to survive their country’s brutal civil war. Onyii is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her sister, including becoming an Augment, a soldier whose limbs are replaced with mechanical ones. When their camp is attacked and Ify is nowhere to be found, a devastated Onyii fears her sister is dead. What she doesn’t know is that Ify is alive: She was kidnapped and taken to another camp, where she begins to uncover secrets about her past. Inspired by Black Panther, this futuristic tale takes a hard look at the horrors of war and the impact of trauma on children living and fighting in war zones.

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On shelves: October 15

Fireborne by Rosaria Munda

Nine years ago a bloody war tore Callipolis apart and the reigning dragonriders were killed to make way for a new government. Now dragonriders are named based on skill rather than bloodline, and a new position has recently opened up. Childhood friends Annie and Lee find themselves competing against each other for the coveted Firstrider spot. Annie was born into poverty and some days can’t shake the old belief that members of her class shouldn’t be dragonriders. Meanwhile, Lee is hiding his true identity from everyone but Annie: He’s the son of one of the dragonriders executed during the war. When a group of dragonriders who survived the war resurface and threaten to take back the city, both Annie and Lee must decide where their loyalties lie.

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On shelves: October 15

Song of the Crimson Flower by Julie C. Dao

The Bookish team was captivated by Julie C. Dao’s Rise of the Empress series, and we know we’re not alone in saying her newest novel is one of our most anticipated of the season. Set in the same world as Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, this book follows a new cast of characters. Every night Bao plays his flute outside the window of the girl he loves. Unfortunately, Lan believes the musician is Tam, the boy she believes she’s destined to marry. When the truth is revealed and Bao confesses his feelings, Lan turns him away. But when Bao is cursed by a witch and his soul is trapped within his flute, only Lan can set him free. Readers who love fairy tales will not want to miss Dao’s enchanting new novel.

(Psst: Read an excerpt of the book here!)
On shelves: November 5

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

Arthurian legends are trending in YA and we couldn’t be more excited. The latest is the first in a new series from Kiersten White. King Arthur is in need of a protector and the wizard Merlin believes he knows the perfect person for the task. The public will believe that Princess Guinevere has arrived in Camelot to marry Arthur, and no one will ever know that she’s hiding her true identity as a changeling. But protecting a king is easier said than done, and Guinevere must master the ins and outs of court, all while keeping an eye on the dangers that lurk beyond Camelot’s borders.

On shelves: November 5

Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan

Natasha Ngan returns to the kingdom of Ikhara in this thrilling sequel to Girls of Paper and Fire. Together Lei and Wren planned their escape from the Hidden Palace, where they were concubines to the Demon King. Now that they’re free, they know they must fan the flames of the rebellion they’ve sparked and find support wherever they can. Lei once hoped to place a fellow member of the Paper caste on the throne, but when she sees that her people can be as cruel and violent as the Demon King’s, she fears her kingdom may be trading one monster for another.

On shelves: November 5

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Readers, are you ready to return to the faerie world? Holly Black is back this fall with the final book in the Folk of the Air trilogy. After a childhood spent longing for the human world, Jude finally finds herself back there. She’s been exiled from the Faerie Court by King Cardan, and despite the sting of his betrayal, she’s hard at work plotting her revenge. When her sister Taryn reaches out to her for help, it’s just the excuse Jude needs to return to the place she grew up to face the king she loves and hates in equal measure. Newbies, start with book one to soak up all of the magic, treachery, and drama of the series. Fans, prepare for an unforgettable finale.

On shelves: November 19


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