Summer Lovin’: 10 Swoon-Worthy Romances for Summer 2017

Summer Lovin’: 10 Swoon-Worthy Romances for Summer 2017

Oh, oh those summer nights. They’re perfect for curling up with a sizzling or sweet romance, and here we’ve rounded up ten love stories that are sure to please. Readers looking for a heated Hollywood tale of rivals who can’t fight their attraction to each other will want to check out Christina Lauren’s latest. Meanwhile historical fans will be clamouring to get their hands on Sarah MacLean’s newest Scandal and Scoundrel novel. Craving a sports novel? We’ve got one for hockey fans and one for baseball lovers. So pick your book beau and get to reading.

Dating You / Hating You

10 things I hate about you

As the only two singletons at a Halloween party, Evie Abbey and Carter Aaron can’t help but be drawn to each other. Their meet cute is completed by the fact that they’re each dressed as Harry Potter characters—Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, respectively. By night, their chemistry is sizzling. But by day, the two learn that their talent agencies are merging and they’re now competing for the same job. All bets are off as the two fight for their careers, and readers will revel in the pair’s sabotage and antics, as well as moments where Evie schools Carter in the daily sexism she faces in the office. Soon enough, flirting wins out over fighting, and Evie and Carter learn that they work better as a team. Christina Lauren fans who have been eager for more after the conclusions to the Beautiful and Wild Seasons series will not be disappointed by this fun and flirty tale.

On shelves: June 6

A Sky Full of Stars

Light up the sky

As an astrophysicist, Owen Shaughnessy knows that certain events only happen once in a lifetime, which is why he’s willing to shake his shyness and take a chance on Brooke Matthews, an artist joining him and a team studying a meteor shower. But Owen isn’t the only one with insecurities. Brooke is charmed by Owen, but intimidated by his intellect and fearful that she may not be a good match for him. Thanks to a bit of encouragement from their loved ones, these two opposites decide that the risk is worth the reward and decide to take a shot at love.

On shelves: June 6

Home Run

Hey batter batter

Cooper Bailey’s dream of being a major league baseball player is within reach. All he needs to do is perform at the top of his game during spring training. He can’t afford to lose his focus, even for a second, but Ainsley Burke catches him off guard. Suddenly he’s thinking more about dating her than dominating the field, and his career is at risk of being sidelined. Cooper breaks things off, unwilling to let a woman get in the way of his lifelong dream. But every day without her is torture, and he starts to wonder if this may be the one woman worth risking everything for, if she’ll take him back. For baseball fans, Heidi McLaughlin’s latest is a grand slam.

On shelves: June 6


The Day of the Duchess

Second chances

There was a time when happiness was in reach for Malcolm Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven, but he made an unforgivable mistake and lost the trust of his wife, Seraphina. The two have lived apart for years, but this summer they’re coming together once more. Malcolm agrees to free Seraphina from their marriage, but first he must find a wife to replace her. Seraphina is willing to see Malcolm again, if only to be rid of him for good. But theirs is a connection not easily broken, and Malcolm vows to do anything to win her heart once more. Series readers are fierce fans of Seraphina, and Malcolm will need to win them over too, but with Sarah MacLean at the helm, we have no doubt that their happily ever after will be nothing short of perfection.

On shelves: June 27

Until It Fades

Defensive zone

New adult readers, this one is for you. Living in a small town means that Catherine Wright is never allowed to forget the mistakes she made in her youth. But the 24-year-old mother wants nothing more than to work hard to create a peaceful and quiet life for herself and her five-year-old daughter. But all hope of that disappears when she comes to the rescue of Brett Madden, captain of the Philadelphia Flyers. She had no idea who he was when she pulled him out of a wrecked sports car, moments before it went up in flames, and now that she knows, she plans on getting as far away from him and his fame as possible. But when Brett shows up on her doorstep, determined to thank her for saving his life, she can’t resist his eyes or smile. Soon Catherine is letting Brett into her life and into her heart.

On shelves: June 27


Fuel for Fire

Fire meet gasoline

The passion burning between Black Knights Inc. member Dagan Zoelner and Chelsea Duvall ignited years ago, when the two were working at the CIA. Neither voiced their feelings, leaving both to believe that the attraction was unrequited. When Chelsea is sent on a risky undercover mission to gather information on a London crime boss, Dagan decides to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. The mission is compromised however, when Chelsea is accused of being an enemy of the state. And just as the two become bold enough to admit their feelings, it’s revealed that Chelsea has been keeping a secret about Dagan that he may find unforgivable. Fans of Julie Ann Walker’s BKI series will not want to miss this one.

On shelves: July 4


Some Kind of Hero

And the romance writer saves the day

Lieutenant Peter Greene is the best of the best. Tough as steel and uncompromising in his goals, he can turn rookies into elite fighters without breaking a sweat. But he’s brought to his knees when he discovers that his teenage daughter is missing. His team is at his side without being asked, prepared to help him find Maddie, and so is Shayla Whitman. Shayla is a romance novelist and one who never dreamed that she’d find herself in the kind of dangerous or thrilling situations that she usually thrusts her heroines into. But when she sees the panic in Peter’s eyes, she can’t stop herself from volunteering to help him. Together, they’re determined to bring Maddie home safe, no matter what the cost.

On shelves: July 11


Seducing Abby Rhodes

Ain’t afraid of no ghost

Abigail Rhodes has been in love with the old house in Blink, Texas since she first set eyes on it. Now that she’s bought it, she’s prepared to turn it into her dream home. That is until she realizes that there might be a supernatural presence in the home. Thankfully, the handsome man on her doorstep may be able to help her. Jordan Gatewood arrives at the house where his father was murdered and is shocked to find a beautiful woman residing inside. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does start to think that the memory of Abby will haunt him forever if he doesn’t take a shot and try to win her heart. Kirkus calls it “A romance chock full of unexpected twists, turns, secrets, and spirits plus a healthy dose of redemptive love.” Sounds like our cup of tea.

On shelves: July 18



Give me everything you have

Isobel Sørensen has no qualms about telling Alexander de la Grip to buzz off. He’s a playboy constantly featured in gossip rags and tabloids. He’s materialistic, arrogant, and representative of everything she despises. But when she realizes that he’s the keeper of the funds that she needs to help a pediatric hospital in Chad, Isobel decides to play nice. Alexander can’t help himself when the beautiful Isobel approaches him, and he ensures that she’ll agree to a date with him before he hands over the money she needs. As the two get to know each other, Isobel realizes that she may have judged Alexander too harshly, and Alexander realizes that, if he dared, he could lose himself completely in a woman like Isobel. Readers who enjoy a bit of glamour with their romance will swoon for this Swedish import.

On shelves: July 25


The Duchess Deal

Terms and conditions

Last year Tessa Dare capped off her Spindle Cove and Castles Ever After series with Do You Want to Start a Scandal, and readers have been eagerly waiting to see what she would come out with next. The Duchess Deal marks the first in a new series, Girl Meets Duke, from Dare, and if this installment is any indication, this series is sure to become a favorite. The Duke of Ashbury requires an heir, and when Emma Gladstone appears in his library, already wearing a wedding dress, he figures why not take the hand fate just dealt him. He assumes that Emma will comply with his rules (no kissing, no questions about his past) without question, and that’s his first mistake. Emma demands dinner, conversation, and, if he isn’t careful, she’ll demand that he love her as deeply and desperately as she’s beginning to love him.

On shelves: August 22


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