Must-Read Romance for Spring 2014: Second Chances, Steamy Reunions, and Vampires

Must-Read Romance for Spring 2014: Second Chances, Steamy Reunions, and Vampires

It’s been said that in springtime, love is in the air. To help shake off the winter chill and get you in the mood, we’ve rounded up this spring’s most anticipated romances, spanning the subgenres from paranormal to historical. You’ll find big-name authors like Nora Roberts and Sylvia Day, whose hotly-anticipated follow-up Aftershock promises to steam up your reading glasses. There are also some sweet hidden gems, such as Patience Bloom‘s true story of finding love while working at Harlequin. Looking ahead, this spring promises to be a romantic one, at least in terms of reading.

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    1. The Collector

    The latest from prolific bestselling author Nora Roberts finds professional house sitter Lila Emerson in a precarious situation when she witnesses what appears to be a murder/suicide while on the job. Enter Ashton Archer, who wants her help in determining what has really happened. What follows is an investigation that deepens both the mystery and their desire for each other.

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    2. Aftershock

    After a pushed-back pub date and months of waiting for hungry fans,Aftershock is nearly here. In the much-anticipated follow-up to Afterburn, Sylvia Day continues the story of Jax and Gia’s tumultuous and steamy affair. After two years of silence, the handsome Jax is back. But this time Gia’s prepared for him and she’s determined to not let him walk out of her life so easily again.

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    3. Romance Is My Day Job

    Patience Bloom has what many would consider a dream job: As an editor at Harlequin, she’s surrounded by the romances she loves, day in and day out. But her own love life is more than a little disappointing, until a beau from her past sends her a Facebook message. This memoir is an uplifting and affirming look at how romance novels measure up against the real thing.

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    4. Blossom Street Brides

    In this inspiring, feel-good novel by bestselling author Debbie Macomber, three lives connect in the Seattle knitting store, A Good Yarn. Lydia, Lauren, and Bethanne learn about the healing power of love in this story about close-knit (pun intended) friendships and unexpected surprises.

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    5. Three Weeks With Lady X

    Three Weeks with Lady X, the seventh novel in Eloisa James’s Regency-era Desperate Duchesses series, focuses on Thorn, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Villiers. In pursuit of a wife, he hires Lady Xenobia India to decorate and make his home appear more civilized. Neither the powerful Thorn nor the beautiful Lady X expects the forbidden love that sparks between them when working in such close quarters.

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    6. The Museum of Extraordinary Things

    Alice Hoffman masterfully blends romance and historical fiction in this tale of a Coney Island sideshow. Coralie Sardie masquerades as a mermaid in her father’s Museum of Extraordinary Things. But life becomes far more interesting (and complicated) when she falls in love with Eddie Cohen, a young photographer who may have a connection to another woman’s disappearance.

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    7. Dash of Peril

    Lieutenant Margo Peterson sets to work on an abduction ring case, but is paired up with the desirable and very distracting Dash Riske. While working together, they learn that they are more similar than they had ever previously imagined. But just as tension and chemistry run high, the case turns deadly in this installment of Lori Foster’s well-loved Love Undercoverseries.

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    8. A Girl Walks Into a Bar

    Written by three friends, this choose-your-own-adventure erotica book dares the reader to decide for herself how she wants her night out to end. For the seasoned romance reader, this interactive take on the romance genre and its longstanding conventions is a refreshing deviation from the norm.

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    9. Waiting On You

    Kristan Higgins fans can return to Blue Heron for the third time with this upcoming novel about reigniting old flames. Colleen O’Rourke has only been in love once, and she doesn’t plan on doing it again. She is perfectly happy working in the bar she owns with her brother, matchmaking, and distributing romantic advice to those who ask. But when her first love Lucas Campbell comes back to town, she’s caught off-guard and must decide if she wants to give him a second chance.

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    10. The King

    The King, the twelfth book in J.R. Ward’s popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series, finds Wrath (the only remaining pure-blooded vampire in the world) and his wife Beth struggling with the question of whether or not to have a child. This paranormal romance is epic in its scope, and takes place in an elaborate vampire-run world sure to thrill lovers of supernatural romance.



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