Fall 2017’s Best YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reads: Hackers, Rebels, and an Evil Queen

Fall 2017’s Best YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reads: Hackers, Rebels, and an Evil Queen

Anyone have a spare magic lamp lying around? We really could use three wishes to carve out some extra reading time in our schedule for all of these incredible fall releases. Marie Lu and Marissa Meyer are delivering thrilling new adventures, while Philip Pullman and Leigh Bardugo are crafting new tales in familiar worlds. Whether you’re dying to continue your favorite series or start off on a fresh adventure, we promise you’ll have a fantastic fall.

Tower of Dawn

I will not be afraid

Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series continues with this sixth installment, which takes place during the timeline of the fifth book, Empire of Storms. After an attack left him paralyzed from the waist down, Chaol Westfall set sail with Nesryn for the southern continent to search for the healers of the Torre Cesme. He’s also on a mission to raise an army that will fight alongside Terrasen and Adarlan in the war to come. Chaol knows his friends are relying on him, and he refuses to return home without the help they seek, but convincing strangers to fight for a king and queen they don’t know is no easy task.

On shelves: September 5


Ready player one

Teen hacker Emika Chen has $13 to her name and nearly $4,000 in debt. She keeps herself off the streets by working as a bounty hunter for players who illegally bet on Warcross, an immersive game played by millions every day. When she accidentally infiltrates the opening game of the Warcross Championships, she catches the attention of the game’s creator, 21-year-old Hideo Tanaka. He presents Emika with a request that, with eviction looming over her head, she can’t refuse: enter the game as a wild card and his spy to find a hacker named Zero. Filled with action, adventure, wit, and drama, Marie Lu’s Warcross is certain to be one of the best books of the year.

On shelves: September 12

Landscape with Invisible Hand

The twilight zone

At first, the alien invasion seemed peaceful: The vuvv offered humans advanced technology and cures for diseases. But soon the vuvv’s technology took over and put humans out of work. In an act of desperation, Adam convinces his girlfriend Chloe to act in a pay-per-view 50s-style TV show. The vuvv are fascinated by Earth culture and the concept of true love, and the show is a hit, despite how often Chloe and Adam clash offscreen. But soon Adam must decide if he’s willing to sacrifice what makes him human to please the alien invaders.

On shelves: September 12

Shadowhouse Fall

Connection, community, creativity

It’s been a few month since the events of Shadowshaper, and Sierra Santiago is learning to master her role as Lucera, the head of Shadowhouse. Just as the dust begins to settle, she receives a playing card from the Deck of Worlds that features the Hound of Light and a warning that the Sorrows haven’t given up their mission to rid the world of shadowshapers. Sierra won’t back down without a fight. She knows she must learn to master the Deck of Worlds in order to save everyone she loves. Daniel José Older once again spins a captivating tale about a heroine who is a force to be reckoned with.

On shelves: September 12

The Language of Thorns

Once upon a time…

Leigh Bardugo invites readers to travel deeper into her Grishaverse with this collection of six folktales. There’s a mermaid with the voice of a siren, a heartsick boy who begs the help of a river, a woman with strange powers lurking deep in the forest, and more. The stories are set in the same universe as Bardugo’s Six of Crows duology and Shadow and Bone trilogy, though readers don’t need to be familiar with the works to enjoy these Grimm-esque fables. Fans will be utterly spellbound, and new readers will close the book and find themselves immediately diving into Bardugo’s other series.

On shelves: September 26

Wild Beauty

Bloom and grow forever

The Nomeolvides women have tended the La Pradera gardens for generations, blessed with the ability to make flowers grow. But the gift comes at a price: If they leave the grounds permanently, they’ll die, and if they fall in love too deeply, the one they love will disappear. When the five cousins who tend the garden realize that they’ve all fallen for the same women, they make offerings to the garden’s pond in exchange for her safety. The next day, they discover that the garden has given something back. They come across a mysterious boy, who has no memory of who he is or where he came from. Lovers of magical realism will get swept away in Anna-Marie McLemore’s enchanting tale.

On shelves: October 3

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

The price of greatness

Julie C. Dao’s spellbinding East Asian fantasy introduces readers to 18-year-old Xifeng, a village girl who believes she is destined to become the Empress of Feng Lu. Xifeng knows she can’t seize her future if she stays trapped with her abusive aunt, so she and Wei, the boy she loves, make their escape into the Great Forest and begin their journey towards the Imperial Palace. But on her path to greatness, Xifeng must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to achieve her goals. This novel is sure to be a hit with lovers of dark fairytales and anti-heroines.

On shelves: October 10

Tool of War

Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful

What happens when you create a weapon that you can’t control? Tool is half man and half beast, created through DNA splicing to wreak havoc and cause destruction at the whim of his creators. He was designed to remain loyal, but somehow Tool has found a way to resist those impulses and now he’s broken free and turned against those who once held his chains. Fans of Paolo Bacigalupi’s Ship Breaker series will not be disappointed with this thrilling third installment, while new readers will want to quickly catch up.

On shelves: October 10

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage

Subject to the fates

Readers across the globe grew up captivated by Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, and now Pullman is back with a new book set in the same world and featuring a very familiar character. Set ten years before The Golden Compass, this new trilogy will explore how Lyra Belacqua came to live at Jordan College. The tale begins with an 11-year-old boy named Malcolm Polstead and his dæmon, Asta. Malcolm is living with his parents near Oxford when he hears that the nuns in Godstow Priory are housing a baby, and he decides to take his boat, La Belle Sauvage, across the Thames to investigate.

On shelves: October 19

Beasts Made of Night

An absolution that will never come

In Tochi Onyebuchi’s Nigerian-inspired fantasy world, mages can turn sins into creatures, freeing the sinner from the guilt and burden of what they’ve done. The beasts are slain by the aki, or sin-eaters. Tattoos of the animals appear on the aki’s skin, and they can visualize the sins in their mind. When a young aki named Taj is called upon to consume the sin of the king, he’s pulled into a political plot that could cost him his life. This is a unique and engrossing tale of forgiveness and strength driven by a hero who uses his bravado to protect those he loves and hide his vulnerabilities.

On shelves: October 31


Rebels and mutineers

Marissa Meyer, author of the beloved Lunar Chronicles, returns this fall with a brand new fantasy series. When the world fell into disorder and turmoil, the Renegades rose up. They overthrew the old powers and established a new and peaceful society. Renegades, humans who possess special abilities, are admired by almost everyone, and Nova is out to destroy them. Then she meets Adrian, a Renegade who might be on her side.

On shelves: November 7

The Speaker

The book of answers

Traci Chee’s Sea of Ink and Gold series continues with this gripping second installment. Sefia has risked life and limb for the Book, a mysterious tome that possibly contains the answers she needs to save her kingdom, but she can’t risk a moment’s rest. After escaping from the Guard, she retreats into the forest with Archer. It’s there that they run into impressors, who once held Archer captive. But Archer is no longer afraid of them and soon he’s spending his time hunting them down and freeing their prisoners. With each kill Archer’s desire for violence and blood grows, and soon Sefia fears he may completely lose the kind soul he once possessed. Somehow, Sefia must stop Archer from giving into the darkness inside of him and prevent the Guard from inciting a war that could destroy the world.

On shelves: November 7


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