Fall in Love: Autumn 2017’s Most Swoon-Worthy Romance Books

Fall in Love: Autumn 2017’s Most Swoon-Worthy Romance Books

Readers, your happily ever after begins here. We’ve rounded up ten romance novels that are sure to make your heart pound, your breath quicken, and your toes curl. The only thing you have to do is choose which couple you’re going to fall for first. You could start with a dog-loving duo who are on the run or a masqueraded pair who meet on a dark Halloween night. We’ve also got angels, vampires, dukes, and spies! You really can’t go wrong, so make your choice and get your love story started.

On the Chase

Puppy love

Kaylee Ramay left her entire life behind and moved to a mountain town in Colorado after witnessing a terrible crime. She’s going by the name of Grace and biding her time until it’s safe to return; the last thing she expects is to fall in love while undercover. K-9 Officer Hugh Murdoch is also killing time. He’s on medical leave and is anxious to return to the line of duty with his narcotics detection dog, Lexi. The bright spot in his days becomes his interactions with the new girl in town. But he has enemies of his own, and just as Kaylee begins to let her guard down, their lives are put in danger. Readers on the hunt for a suspenseful, romantic thrill ride, look no further.

On shelves: September 5

The Duke

Deal with the devil

Deep in the Highlands lives a man known as the Devil’s Duke. With three women missing, locals believe that he’s either killed them or is keeping them captive. The only woman who knows the truth is is Lady Amarantha Vale. She met the duke years ago in the middle of a fierce storm, when he was a naval officer. Amarantha knows that Gabriel Hume isn’t the dark man people say he is, but it’s clear that he’s keeping a secret, and she’s determined to find out what it is.

On shelves: September 26

All I Want for Halloween

Trick or treat

Reality TV star Gear Blackstone’s name has been dragged through the mud by his cheating ex and conniving best friend. He can’t show his face without being recognized and ridiculed, which is why a masquerade Halloween party is his idea of a perfect night out. Donning a devil’s mask, he heads out for a night of fun and finds it when he meets Sadie Liberato. He’s eager to see her again, but will she want to once she meets the man behind the mask?

On shelves: September 26

Archangel’s Viper

Sweet poison

Nalini Singh fans, the wait is finally over. Holly Chang and Venom’s story is here. Four years ago Holly, formerly known as Sorrow, was taken by Archangel Uram and forced to drink his blood. The attack left her trapped between being fully vampire and fully human. She’s still learning about the powers she possesses when someone attempts to kidnap her and she learns that there’s a bounty on her head. Venom may be the only one Holly can trust as she tries to uncover who is hunting her and why. As this is the tenth installment in the Guild Hunter series, new readers are advised to start with the first book; longtime fans will likely finish this in one breathless sitting.

On shelves: September 26

Holiday Spice

All I want for Christmas

Darcy Shaughnessy leaves North Carolina for the peace and quiet of Washington state, far away from her meddling brothers. There she’s found a job helping a woodcarver named Benjamin Tanner. When a blizzard strands them both in Ben’s cabin, the sparks begin to fly. The final chapter in Samantha Chase’s Shaughnessy Brothers series comes to a charming and delightful close that will leave readers wanting to go back to the beginning and start reading them all over again.

On shelves: October 3

The Scot Beds His Wife

The sharpshooter and the Scot

Gavin St. James, Earl of Thorne, doesn’t know what to make of Samantha Masters. She wears trousers, is the sharpest shot he’s ever met, and is hiding dark secrets from her days in the Wild West. She’s also set to inherit the land he wants to possess. Lucky for Gavin, Sam is in need of some protection and she’s willing to marry him to get it. What starts as a marriage of convenience turns into a passionate affair, but Sam’s troubles are about to catch up with her and threaten to take away everything and everyone she’s grown to care for.

On shelves: October 3

Wilde in Love

You make my heart sing

We know you shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but this one is giving us serious Colin-Firth-as-Fitzwilliam-Darcy vibes and that alone makes it a winner. This is the first in Eloisa James’ Georgian-set Wildes of Lindow Castle series, and it introduces readers to Lord Alaric Wilde. Alaric learns that he’s become famous in his home country of England when he returns home after years abroad and finds screaming women meeting his ship at the docks. It’s all a bit overwhelming, to say the least, which is perhaps what first attracts him to Miss Willa Ffynche, a quiet woman who doesn’t seem to give one thought to him or his sudden popularity.

On shelves: October 31

The Bride Who Got Lucky

Luck be a lady

Lady Emma Cavensham has resigned herself to a life of spinsterhood. She knows she could never marry a man who refuses to see her as his equal, and since there seems to be a shortage of open-minded gents in England, she’s decided to remain alone. Instead, she’s dedicated her time to proving that her best friend Lena’s death wasn’t an accident; it was murder at the hands of her abusive husband. Nicholas St. Mauer sees that Emma is inching closer and closer to impropriety, at best, and danger, at worst. Perhaps it was their brief but passionate kiss long ago, but he can’t stop himself from returning to her life to protect her in whatever way he can.

On shelves: October 31

A Hope Divided

Fight for freedom

Alyssa Cole’s An Extraordinary Union was one of our favorite spring romances, and this season she returns with the sequel. This second installment in the Loyal League series introduces readers to Marlie Lynch, a scientist and Union spy. She uses her Carolina home to help the Union in whatever ways she can—from sending coded letters to healing wounded prisoners to sheltering fleeing slaves. But when the Confederate Home Guard takes over her residence, her entire mission is put in danger. The one man who can help her is Ewan McCall, a philosopher and escaped prisoner residing in her laboratory. Together, they ​leave her home behind and head for the Underground Railroad.

On shelves: November 28

Wrong to Need You

Second chances

The second installment in Alisha Rai’s Forbidden Hearts series is just as gripping and passionate as the first. Sadia Ahmed is struggling to keep her late husband’s cafe afloat and to care for their young son. When her brother-in-law Jackson Kane walks back into her life and offers help, she knows she has to accept, no matter how reluctant she is. Jackson had been her best friend growing up, but when she needed him most he wasn’t there. What she doesn’t know is that Jackson’s been in love with her for as long as he can remember. After being falsely accused of arson, he fled and vowed never to return to their home in upstate New York. But he couldn’t stay away from her forever. Now he’s back and ready to make things right.

On shelves: November 28