Spring 2019’s Must-Read New Releases

Spring 2019’s Must-Read New Releases

Some people are into spring cleaning, but we think the spring is an excellent time to load up your bookshelves with tons of exciting new releases instead. With so many great new books coming out this spring, how could you not? If you can’t decide where to start, Bookish is here to help. We’ve rounded up spring 2019’s must-read books in every genre, ranging from YA to romance, from mysteries to general fiction. Read on, and make room on your bookshelves!


  1. It is fun to look at your thoughtfully curated lists. I do have a question though that is really a concern. Why don’t you include Indy Bound as one of the choices for obtaining books? You list Amazon and Barnes &’Noble, but you exclude the whole world of independent bookstores by not including it.

    • Hi Fran, We’ve just switched over to Indie Bound! You can see in our most recent articles that feature buy buttons we now do Amazon and Indie Bound.

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