5 Reasons to Join a Mother-Daughter Book Club

5 Reasons to Join a Mother-Daughter Book Club

Mother-Daughter Book Club

Here at Bookish, the only thing stronger than our love of reading is our love of the maternal figures in our lives! After all, many of us discovered the power of literature through our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and female mentors. That’s why we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a mother-daughter book club, and we think you should too! Read on for reasons to start your own.


It’s fun no matter how old you are

Whether you’re a mother considering joining a book club to instill a love of reading in your child, or a daughter who loves chatting about books with your mom, this format works at every age.


You get insight from multiple generations

You and your mom (or daughter) don’t always see eye to eye. In a book club, that can be a great thing! Your different generational perspectives are sure to spark a richer and more nuanced conversation.


You get built-in quality time

Many of us would love to get a little more quality time with our families. Joining a mother-daughter book club ensures you’ll get some dedicated time to discuss books and enjoy snacks with your mother or daughter!


You can broaden your reading horizons

Whether the older generation or the younger one gets to make the pick, club members are sure to encounter books that they otherwise might not have picked up. We bet you’ll love getting out of your comfort zone!


You can lean into the theme

Lean into the mother-daughter theme by picking books about families, or even mothers and daughters specifically! Ask your members about their favorite books about motherhood and growing up, and start from there!

Looking for a place to start? Here are three great books to read with your mother (or daughter)!

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