Mommywood: Parenting Books From Famous Faces

Mommywood: Parenting Books From Famous Faces

Oh baby! The celebrity baby boom continues with “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi expecting her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle. The reality star, who is a New York Times bestselling author (no, really), will have to cut back on fist bumping at Karma. But at least her pickle cravings won’t seem so weird. In preparation for the little one, Snooki should take a tip from these famous mommies who have shared stories—and helpful hints—that any parent can appreciate.

The Earth Mother: Soleil Moon Frye
Soleil Moon Frye, best known for playing Punky Brewster, has gone on to launch her own eco-friendly brand of children’s clothing and accessories called The Little Seed. In her book, “Happy Chaos,” she shares her parenting woes and mishaps along with some eco-friendly advice that’s accessible to any parent.

The Princess Parent: Tori Spelling
A daughter of privilege, Tori Spelling joined the family business as a child actor and eventually starred on “Beverly Hills: 90210.” Now a reality star and expectant mother of baby number three, Spelling shares her surprisingly down-to-earth experiences in the business of parenting in “Mommywood,” from getting her pre-baby body back to planning the perfect birthday party. It seems Donna Martin graduated into being a modern mom full of practical advice.

The Award-Winner: Goldie Hawn
Beyond her Academy Award and blockbuster movies, Goldie Hawn can boast about her role as mom and grandma. So what does the woman who raised superstar Kate Hudson offer as advice? In “10 Mindful Minutes,” Hawn offers tons of tips (based on studies sponsored by her children’s charity, The Hawn Foundation) to help make the most of quality time with your children.

The Bumpy-Road Mom: Brooke Shields
After IVF treatments and a miscarriage, Brooke Shields gave birth to daughter Rowan in 2003. Instead of feeling connected to her child, Shields struggled. Her memoir, “Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression” lends a famous face to a common illness. Shields writes about her road to recovery, leading up to the very special and heartwarming bond she formed with her daughter.

The More The Merrier Mom: Michelle Duggar
Mom of 19 Michelle Duggar has plenty of parenting experience. In “A Love That Multiplies: An Up-Close View of How They Make it Work,” she and husband Jim Bob share their experience raising their brood. If you’ve ever wondered how the Duggars manage a family so large, or simply how they keep their sanity, this read will answer your burning questions.

The Attachment Mom: Mayim Bialik
We all know Mayim Bialik from her role on “Blossom,” but the actress also earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience, the perfect preparation for her recurring role on “The Big Bang Theory.” Bailik is also the mother of two sons and the author of “Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way.” Her book addresses the fundamentals of the attachment method, including baby-wearing, breastfeeding, gentle discipline and co-sleeping, offering her own experiences and advice to new parents. We wonder if Snooki will be able to part with her stuffed crocodile in order to make room in bed for baby.


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