Week of Winter: GIF Recap of Book Three of Marissa Meyer’s Winter

Week of Winter: GIF Recap of Book Three of Marissa Meyer’s Winter

Greetings, Lunartics. It is day two of Bookish’s Week of Winter and that means we’re tackling the third part of Marissa Meyer’s Winter.

If you’re coming in late, check out the first two recaps here:

There is drama and nonstop action throughout this entire novel, but now Cinder has revealed herself to be the lost princess Selene and, as a result, basically declared war on Levana, who is not taking this well at all.

Book Three
“Your stepmother will soon know you are here,”
warned the kindly dwarfs. “Do not let anyone in.”

Those bastards killed Maha Kesley!!


Ugh. The gang is separated again. Cinder and Wolf are captured and off to the palace, Iko is going to find Winter, and Thorne is in hiding with Scarlet.


Winter is being cornered in the Kesley house by Levana’s guards. This is not good, friends. But wait! Winter stabs Jerrico!

ezgif.com-resize (2)

The tide is turning. Kinney is loyal to Winter and not Levana. There is hope!

ezgif.com-resize (3)

Things are not going well for Wolf. Aimery is particularly sadistic, and even though all he’s done is force Wolf to bow, I still want to rip his throat out.


No, no, no, no, no. They’re taking Wolf away and I just know they’re going to turn him into one of the genetically-modified soldiers. Nooooo.


STOP. Why is Cinder being put in a jail cell with Adri and Pearl?! What is this torture?


Dear Levana,
You are not a Mafia don. Why are you “gifting” Cinder’s metal finger to Kai in a box?
Love, Kelly


Listening to Levana plot her takeover of Earth and I’m just sitting here like:


Jacin escaped the palace before Levana could capture him!


And it’s wedding time. Kai is not getting out of this one.

ezgif.com-resize (4)

Knowing that Kai loves Cinder, Levana glamoured him so he’d look at her and see Cinder because Levana is CRAY-ZAY.


Kai is trying to attack Levana with a pair of scissors!! Primitive, but effective… ish.

ezgif.com-resize (5)

Kai said, “I do.” It’s all over.


Cress and Thorne are reunited! And Jacin! Iko! The gang is almost all here!

ezgif.com-resize (6)

Cinder doesn’t realize that that Levana brought Adri there for information, not simply to annoy Cinder.




(Also can cyborgs swim? Let’s find out.)

Cinder’s entire escape was broadcast on Luna! People are rioting in the streets!


When the Earthen leaders think Levana will just let them leave and go home…


Update: Cyborgs can’t swim.


Better update: Jacin and Thorne save Cinder from drowning!

ezgif.com-crop (6)

When Thorne suggests using rice to absorb the moisture in Cinder’s cyborg parts as if she’s an iPhone…


Scarlet and Winter have the “brilliant” idea of recruiting the genetically-modified soldiers. And Winter is creepily singing songs about being eaten while they’re literally walking into a den of hungry wolves.

giphy (5)

Side note: Their friendship is magical. Scarlet and Winter are #friendgoals.

ezgif.com-resize (7)

When you walk into a den of wolf-soldiers and the first thing they say is, “feeding time already?”


They’re going to die and be eaten and stupid this idea was stupid. Things can’t get any worse.


They got worse. There are thaumaturges.

giphy (8)

But the soldiers fight back! We have an army, people. I repeat: WE HAVE A WOLF-SOLDIER ARMY!

ezgif.com-crop (7)

Scarlet leading her wolf-army out of the forest and into sector LW-12 like:

ezgif.com-resize (8)

My new favorite character, Storm, is training the civilians to be soldiers.


When Aimery is shamelessly flirting with Levana, and for once I want her to murder someone (aka HIM):



Good things are happening, guys. Scarlet is building an army, Cinder has civilians on her side, and Levana definitely won’t know what hit her!


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