Week of Winter: GIF Reaction to Book One of Marissa Meyer’s Winter

Week of Winter: GIF Reaction to Book One of Marissa Meyer’s Winter

Winter. Is. Here.

Lunar Chronicles fans will know what I mean when I say that I had a lot of questions going into this book: Will Kai truly have to marry Queen Levana? Will Cinder’s rebellion work and will the people follow her? Will Winter be able to stand up to Levana and help Cinder? Will Scarlet and Wolf ever be reunited?

Thankfully, there are 823 pages of answers! But, this also means tons of room for things to go wrong, romances to run awry, and *gasp* maybe even character death. As Winter would say, my platelet-manufacturing plant was not the same after reading this. I had a lot of feelings while reading this book. And what’s the healthiest way of expressing emotions that revolve around fictional characters? GIFs. Did I say healthiest? I meant most fun.

To make this easier for readers, I’ve divided my reactions into five separate posts. Winter is divided into five books and each post focuses on a single book—meaning you’re less likely to run into spoilers.

Reader Beware: Massive, life-ruining spoilers ahead

Book One
The young princess was as beautiful
as daylight. She was, more beautiful even
than the queen herself.

So we start off with Levana being cray-cray (what else is new?), and we get a glimpse into her crooked politics. Winter, who is mentally unstable as it is, can’t handle the violence she sees her dearest auntie dispensing and has visions of herself being turned into a girl of snow and ice.

Usually Jacin is there to calm her down and talk her through the visions, but he isn’t and she’s alone and I’m eight pages in and sad. WTF, Meyer?


Annnnd now Jacin is on trial and pleading guilty. Stop pleading guilty, you blithering idiot! She’ll kill you!


Hold up. Did Jacin actually betray Cinder and reveal their rooftop location to Sybil Mira?


“I have decided to let the prisoner live”


“This ruling is not finished”


I’m already on board for the forbidden romance between guard Jacin and Princess Winter, but when he greets her by saying, “Hey, Trouble.”

I just…


Be still my human heart. I can’t handle their flirting.

Winter’s visions are caused by her refusal to use her Lunar gift to control and manipulate those around her. It’s a seemingly hopeless situation, until Jacin tells her that there’s a device to stop her from going mad: “[H]is face held so much hope, like he’d solved the world’s greatest problem.”


On board the Rampion…

Cinder and Kai are kissing! In space! She’s counting their kisses in her brain!


Jacin at least feels guilty about betraying Cinder&Co just to get back to Winter, and passes on the good news that they’re still alive and coming for her to Scarlet. Poor Scarlet, who is still being held as a prisoner in the palace’s menagerie, is pretty pumped about this news.


On the ship, Cinder&Co are planning a revolution, but Wolf is still checking in on Scarlet’s farm in France from space to make sure it’s there when she gets back.

“Scarlet’s the priority. The only priority.”

my-babies-1(Can you tell how hard I ‘ship them?)

Levana is sketchy at best, but when she appoints Jacin to be one of Winter’s personal guards, I know something is up…


Wolf says that Scarlet once shot him in the arm as if it was the best thing that ever happened to and it just made me think of…


Oh, hey, Thorne’s eyesight came back! He sustained a pretty severe head injury when he and Scarlet crash landed in the last book. I was beginning to think his sight might never come back.

Cinder is delaying the inevitable when they find out… KAI’S PALACE IS UNDER ATTACK!


Time to stop planning and take action.

ezgif.com-resize (9)

Thorne has to take Kai back to Earth, but first Kai apologizes to Cinder for being a tool at the ball.


Kai has to pretend he was really an unwilling captive, so Wolf punches him.


And on their trip to Earth, Kai prods Thorne about a certain hacker…

ezgif.com-crop (3)

Once on Earth, Kai gets his shit together and patches things up with Levana… meaning the wedding is still on and he has to marry that monster.


Meanwhile in crazy town, creepy thaumaturge Aimery is asking for Winter’s hand in marriage…


And he is clearly willing to murder Jacin if he gets in the way.


Cinder&Co successfully board Kai’s ship in space, and now just need to escape once everyone else has gotten off on Luna. Easy, right?

Nope. Levana wants to search Kai’s ship.


Selfless Thorne runs off to create a diversion so that the others can escape…


And it works, but then Cress uses her hacking skills to get everyone to safety… except herself.


The tension! The drama! Once you get your feels reigned in, continue on to Book Two:





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