Week of Winter: GIF Reaction to Book Four of Marissa Meyer’s Winter

Week of Winter: GIF Reaction to Book Four of Marissa Meyer’s Winter

Welcome back fellow revolutionaries! We’ve seen Cinder&Co through books one, two, and three of Winter. And things have been going well… too well. I’ve got a feeling something bad is about to happen in this book.

If you haven’t been following along with my recap, catch up:




Reader beware: Book-ruining spoilers ahead

Book Four
“Are you afraid of poison?” asked the old woman.
“Here, I will cut the apple in two. You eat the red half,
and I shall eat the white.”

No, no, god no, Winter don’t go into forest. That isn’t really Jacin, it’s a trick.


Well, certainly don’t trust the creepy old woman you just met in the forest.


Don’t eat the candy apple, Winter! WINTER!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

And now she’s sick. Winter has letumosis, and Scarlet is touching her so she’s going to get it, too. How are these two always in danger of dying horribly?!


A suspension tank being used as the glass coffin for Winter. Very clever, Marissa Meyer.

giphy (9)

Wolf, my baby! They did it. They performed the surgery and turned him into one of Levana’s mutant soldiers.


Hmm, Iko seems to have a role to play with the mysterious device that Garan created…

giphy (10)

When Cinder suggests splitting up…


And Kai’s genius plan for killing Levana involves blowing himself up.

giphy (11)

Okay, at least one thing is going right. Jacin, Iko, and Cinder are stealing the antidote to give to Winter and Scarlet.

giphy (12)

Thorne and Cress are undercover at the palace for the wedding, and all is going well until Thorne kisses a Lunar in front of Cress!

giphy (13)



” ‘Cress.’ He said her name like a vow.”

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When I found out that the Lunar girl glamoured herself to look like Cress to get Thorne to kiss her:


(Does this mean he loves her?!)

And we are splitting up again. Damn it, guys!

ezgif.com-crop (10)

The letumosis antidote works! Winter and Scarlet are saved…. for now.

large (1)

Kai finally getting in on the action and helping Cress break into the control room—awesome!

ezgif.com-resize (10)

Cress hacked her way in and took down the barriers! Cinder and her army can storm Artemisia!

giphy (15)

Oh it is ON.



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