Love is in the Air: Spring’s Best Romance Novels

Love is in the Air: Spring’s Best Romance Novels

After a horribly chilly winter spent bundled up, it’s time to shed those layers and slip into something a bit more comfortable. If you’re ready to crank the heat and steam up your reading glasses, we’ve got the latest from Christina Lauren’s erotic new adult series and Anne Rice’s fairy tale of sexual servitude. Or, if you’d prefer to travel, we can offer deliciously romantic trips to Regency London with Eloisa James or 1890s Paris with M.J. Rose. No matter which book you pick up this season, you’re sure to watch love bloom.


The Witch of Painted Sorrows

Paris holds the key to your heart

Ah, Paris. The city of love is alive with magic in this tale of a girl taken over by the spirit of her ancestor, a powerful witch. Sandrine Salmone flies to Paris to move in with her grandmother and to escape from her deceitful husband. She expects to stay in her family’s Parisian  mansion, though arrives to find it boarded up. Told by her grandmother that it’s unsafe to visit, Sandrine nevertheless decides to take a look around inside. Once there, she meets the charming Julien, the architect in charge of turning the mansion into a museum. Together, they explore 1890s Paris, experiencing all of the beauty and passion that the city has to offer them. But they also find danger after uncovering a secret room in the mansion that belonged to Sandrine’s ancestor La Lune.

On shelves: March 17


Four Nights with the Duke

Won’t you stay with me

Blackmail, a secret identity, a marriage of convenience sure to turn to true love—oh, Eloisa James, you can do no wrong. The Desperate Duchesses series continues with Four Nights with the Duke, the scandalous tale of Mia Carrington. After being abandoned at the altar by her fiance, Mia must scramble to find a husband so she can become the guardian of her physically disabled nephew. She finds what she’s looking for in Vander, the Duke of Pindar, a man she once swore would be the last person on Earth she’d ever marry. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

On shelves: March 31


The Closer You Come

Bad to the bone

Best known for her fantasy-romance series (Lords of the Underworld), Gena Showalter steps away from the sinful demons and into some Southern charm in her newest series, The Original Heartbreakers. After serving time, Jase is looking for a quiet place where he can stay out of trouble and Strawberry Valley, Oklahoma seems to fit the bill. But his determination to walk the straight and narrow begins to waver when he meets Brook. He wanted to stay out of trouble, but getting mixed up with a struggling waitress who clearly could use some fun might just be worth the risk.

On shelves: March 31

Holding Strong

Holding Strong

Macho, macho man

If you’re looking for a romance that packs a punch, look no further than Lori Foster’s Ultimate series. Holding Strong, the second installment, focuses on MMA fighter Denver Lewis, a fiercely protective hero who finds himself drawn to flirtatious bombshell Cherry Peyton. Confident and tough, Cherry can hold her own against anyone… except maybe those three rough-looking guys who keep asking around for her. As her past creeps closer and closer, Cherry realizes that she can keep running from it or face it with Denver at her side.

On shelves: March 31


A Heart Revealed

Love is not self-seeking

A beauty realizes the beast within in this entrancing tale of Regency romance. Amber Sterlington cares for two things in her future husband: title and fortune. Blessed with dazzling good looks, and not at all modest about them, she knows that ensnaring such a man is only a matter of flirting her way into his good graces. But in the middle of her first season, the unthinkable happens—her hair begins to fall out. Banished to a rustic corner of Yorkshire, Amber is forced to reconcile her new circumstances with her own vanity, and along the way learns that perhaps there is more to a husband than title and fortune.

On shelves: April 7


Beautiful Secret

I’ll keep you my dirty little secret

Ruby left her home state of California for an international adventure as an engineer in London, but she gets more than she bargained for when she’s sent on a trip to New York City with her firm’s top planning executive and most eligible bachelor, Niall Stella. Away from the office and prying eyes, the two give in to the undeniable attraction between them. But what happens when the trip ends? Erotic romance duo Christina Lauren (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) deliver yet another saucy and satisfying tale, and one that brings characters from their Beautiful Bastard and Wild Seasons series together at last.

On shelves: April 14


Beauty’s Kingdom

Happy endings for everyone

Once upon a time, in a pleasure-filled kingdom far, far away, there lived a kinky princess and her dominant prince. Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure, captivated us with her saucy retelling of a classic fairy tale in The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. We read along as the sequel showed Beauty’s Punishment, followed by a third installment of Release. In this fourth novel, Beauty and her prince now rule kingdom of Bellevalten. Where there once was slavery, there is now voluntary sexual servitude and the people are celebrating by… well, volunteering. Followers of the series will rejoice over this installment, while newbies looking for a flirtatious fairy tale should begin catching up.

On shelves: April 21


One Night

I’ll be gone by the morning

A lot can happen in one night. She’s a girl from L.A., short on cash and desperate to make her rent. He’s a wealthy man from Orange County, trying to forget the life he has to return to in the morning. After she cons him out of $2,000, the two seem likely to part ways forever, but fate brings them back together for a night of passion and a chance to forget about the burdens that weigh them down. She’s still grieving for the daughter she lost in a Christmas-tree fire, he feels trapped in his marriage to an unfaithful wife. Together, the two find solace, if only for a single night.

On shelves: April 21


Of Noble Family

Make it work

Readers looking to add a tough of magic to their favorite Regency romances should look no further than Mary Robinette Kowl. Protagonist Jane is gifted with the magic of glamour, a skill that allows her to create any illusion she can imagine. Since her first appearance in Shades of Milk and Honey, readers have been following Jane and her husband Vincent, who are about to embark on one last adventure in Of Noble Family, the fifth final book in the Glamourist Histories series. Vincent’s father has passed away, leaving his brother to manage his vast estate. Reluctantly, and driven by familial obligation, Jane and Vincent travel to the West Indies to help put things in order. They expect a challenge, what they don’t expect is a revolt. Jane, growing more pregnant by the day, has her work cut out for her. But if we know anything, it’s that this couple can survive anything.

On shelves: April 28



Rivalry come undone

Connor needs help. After returning from a tour in Afghanistan, he’s found that his wife’s parents don’t want to relinquish custody of his two kids. He’s already lost his wife to a tragic accident, he can’t deal with losing their children too. To help him win the trial, he enlists the help of his wife’s best friend Eve, a controversial move since his family and Eve’s have been rivals for as long as they can remember. Things only grow more complicated when a prying social worker pushes the two into a marriage and Eve’s hidden feelings for Connor begin to bloom.

On shelves: April 28



  1. Some good looking reads on this list, I will have to get some of these and add them to my own ever growing list of tbr’s I have in my house. I am currently reading a historical type fiction read by Valerie Gross called Magdala, it’s been a great read, I have been lucky finding some great reads this year so far!

  2. Joan Johnstons bitter creek series is fantastic, and the newest one that just came out was just as good. I’ve read several Jennifer Ryan books wonderful, wasn’t disappointed at al.

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