From Hobbit Hole to Secret Garden: 10 Literary Vacation Spots for Book Lovers

From Hobbit Hole to Secret Garden: 10 Literary Vacation Spots for Book Lovers

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Here at Bookish, we know that not all who wander are lost. And since one of the things we love almost as much as books is travel, we’ve decided to help you take bookish vacations to the next level. Here, we’ve pulled together 10 literary vacation spots you’ll want to write home about.

A trip to the Shire is closer than you think with the hygge rental.

Now your dream of spending the night in a library can come true.

This literary loft located atop an independent bookstore will keep you turning pages.

This literary oasis features Nantucket Bookworks beneath you and books surrounding you.

Welcome to Wigtown, Scotland’s National Booktown, and The Open Book where you will not only stay above a bookstore, you’ll run it as well!

We think Jane Austen’s home in Bath will bewitch vacationers, body and soul.

Gatsby himself couldn’t find a better vacation spot than F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s one-time apartment.

You might just write your very own great American novel in John Steinbeck’s colorful and cozy writer’s studio.

Haven’t you always dreamed of having your very own secret garden?

Be on the lookout for Peter Rabbit himself when you stay at Beatrix Potter’s Yew Tree Farm.


  1. I enjoyed reading about the places recommended for writers to travel over and explore while on vacation. I want to add another place to the list. It’s the Montague Bookmill in Montague, Massachusetts. The Bookmill is where my creative thoughts comes alive and I find myself in the mood to make coherent words on paper. I also enjoy eating the delicious food at The Lady Killigrew Cafe. All of the sandwiches are served with a fresh salad and you have excellent choices to make for a beverage of coffee, wine or beer. I highly recommend the Bookmill that’s located at one of the oldest sites in Montague, MA.

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