Literary New Year’s Resolutions

Literary New Year’s Resolutions


Forget the standard New Year’s resolutions: Gym memberships are so boring, anyway. This year, our resolutions are strictly literary. If you’re stuck on what to resolve, here are some ideas sure to make your year a little more bookish.

Read more classics
Tired of nodding along every time someone says Kafkaesque and pretending to have read Metamorphosis? Just pick up a copy and get to reading!

Hit the stacks
Books can be expensive, but the library is free (if you return your books on time). Stay local and come often to ensure your name is at the top of the list when new releases come in.

Speaking of local…
Become a regular at your local indie bookstore! Make it a mission to chat with the staff every time you pop in and you’re sure to get top notch recommendations for the entire year.

Set a number
A lot of people want to read more, but how much is “more?” Challenge yourself by aiming to read more than you did this last year.

Read outside of your comfort zone
You know that genre you’ve always wanted to get into but didn’t know where to start? Check our winter previews for a look at some of the season’s best titles; they can help you get started.

Go back to school
Perhaps not literally, but think about something you’d like to learn how to do. Coding html? Surfing? Writing erotica? There’s a book for all of it.

Diversify Last year many readers wanted to read more books written by women or books featuring underrepresented characters. Expand your views with writers and characters from completely different backgrounds this year.

Beat the crowd

Take a look at what books are being adapted to film and television this year and aim to read them all before they hit the big and small screens.

Or switch it up (1) Do the opposite! Instead of always racing to finish the book, see the movie and then use the book as added bonus material.

Read your own shelves

tumblr_mddt8j52Lk1ql5yr7o1_400 We all have them, books that have sat shelved for years waiting for us to pick them up. Instead of keeping up with new releases, take a look at what you already have in your own collection. You just may love what you find.

Kelly Gallucci
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