Literary Kickstarter Campaigns We’d Love to Support

Literary Kickstarter Campaigns We’d Love to Support

It’s no secret that we here at Bookish love books, but we think you might have also noticed that we have a thing for book-related paraphernalia and projects. One of our favorite spots to browse for brand-new gear and exciting ideas is Kickstarter. From t-shirts with the text of books printed on them to tarot cards made especially for writer’s block, we’ve rounded up some super-cool literary Kickstarter campaigns. We bet you’ll want to empty your pockets for all of these great projects.

Custom Litographs: Wear the Words You Love

The only thing better than reading books is wearing them. We’ve written about our love of Litographs before: Our editor owns one of their shirts and we think their products make ideal gifts. But we’re particularly excited about their most recent project. Backers have two options: see their own writing on a shirt or scarf (yes, that short story you’re so proud of can become wearable), or create a custom piece using books in the public domain (for example, you could make a list of your favorite Jane Austen love quotes). You can also pick the font size, style, and color. Here’s hoping this becomes a regular feature on their site.

Stories: A Children’s Bookshop + Storytelling Lab

Seeing as this bookshop is being built in our own backyard, we’re pretty excited about supporting it. They plan on having books that range from children’s to young adult, but what really is amazing is their planned Storytelling Lab. Encouraging kids to use their imaginations to craft stories of their own is incredible, and it gives budding writers a creative outlet. Backers are offered a variety of gifts (totes, tees, and stunning book art). Stories hopes to open by the end of the month, and we can’t wait to visit.

Losswords. A game of literary portions

How well do you know the classics? With this new social literary game, you might just get to know them even better by scrambling and unscrambling some of your favorite books. Losswords takes place in a dystopian future where books are illegal (the horror!) and only video games are allowed. When you play Losswords, you play as a Reader, who helps keep books safe from members of the government who want to destroy them. By scrambling and unscrambling classic novels, you get to preserve them. Warning: We hear this game is extremely addictive.

The Writer’s Block Tarot

Have you been staring at a blinking cursor all day? We know the feeling. Writer’s block can threaten even the most dedicated and inspired writer, so next time that feeling strikes, why not pick up a pack of Writer’s Block Tarot cards? The cards differ from a regular deck in that they are specifically formulated to help break through a bad day of writing with plot and character suggestions. The cards are printed in full color, and will make a beautiful (and functional!) addition to your writing nook or desk.

Lion Books: Diverse Children’s Books that Roar with Love!

It’s been well documented that there is a massive lack of diversity in children’s books, and this campaign aims to change that. The premise is simple: You choose the book that you want based on the plot, and then you’ll then have the ability to change the ethnicity of the main characters to match that of your own family. The creators are a multi-racial couple who wanted to give their children books that better reflected their mixed family. Currently they only have one book, but with support this important project can take off and expand.

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