Literary Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Literary Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It’s no longer necessary to hit up the mall in search for the perfect piece of jewelry to express your love on Valentine’s Day. Etsy, the online marketplace where real people can put their handmade crafts up for sale, is an excellent venue for unique pieces that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. We asked Etsy shop owner Sarah Louise Walker to give us a few of her favorite literary pieces that we could pair with books. Check out her Valentine’s Day gift picks.

For the one who makes you swear your love is infinite:

Store: dreamsbythesea

For the one you wish to give a kiss to:

Store: HooliganAlley

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but your love can wear this necklace till it be morrow:

Store: Satyrika

For warding off your own dementors:

Store: YourSentimentsInc

For you and your wild best friend:

Store: TelevisionTrainWreck

A classic quote for your philosopher love:

Store: whatanovelidea

For the one who loves in excess:

Store: BuyMyCrap

For your favorite matchmaker:

Store: MotherSaid

You didn’t make these bangles up inside your head:

Store: cynicalredhead

For the one who fills your heart with love:

Store: LiteraryEmporium

More about Sarah:

I’m Sarah Louise Walker from Chicago, and I run a handmade lace jewelry and accessories shop on Etsy. I use fashion and accessories to express myself, so my shop is a natural extension of this side of my personality. Having an eye for shape and color goes beyond running my store. I love sorting through Etsy’s vast creative offerings and gathering little collections showcasing themes of color, style, trends, or even just funny things.



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