Boozy & Bookish: Literary Cocktails for Your Holiday Party

Boozy & Bookish: Literary Cocktails for Your Holiday Party

Literary Cocktails

Reader, we know you have it in you to throw a literary bash that would put ol’ Jay Gatsby to shame. You’ve sent the invites, you’ve planned the party, you’ve baked goodies, and you’ve even bought your Secret Santa gift. All that’s left is to make the perfect cocktail. To help, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite drinks inspired by books.

Felix Felicis is perfect for the host who wants a pinch of luck to make their party a success.


We all know from Game of Thrones that dragons are powerful crowd pleasers, making this Blood of the Dragon punch perfect for your fantasy-loving friends.


Your guests will believe they’ve been transported to West Egg with this light and decadent drink.


Not even President Snow could stop us from drinking this nightlock cocktail.


Fair warning that after a few Boo Radleys, your guests may take to leaving presents in trees.


A quick note from your friends at Bookish: We all know how dangerous it can be to get behind the wheel after a few drinks (looking at you, Daisy), so please drink responsibly this holiday season.


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