Lit Madness Round Two Results: Young Adult

Lit Madness Round Two Results: Young Adult

As characters settle into arena life, true colors begin to show. Betrayals, tricks, and cunning lies dominate in Round 2—but are they enough to get them through to the Sweet Sixteen of Lit Madness?

The time Tally spent living in the Smoke prepared her for life in the arena, but she certainly misses Shay and David. Harry’s own renegade movement fascinates her, as do his very un-Pretty glasses and scar. He seems friendly enough, and she figures she can warm him up by asking about Dumbledore’s Army before inevitably betraying him.

Harry Potter may have run out of his trusty liquid luck, but that does not mean the Golden Boy is out of tricks. He and Hermione studied up on all sorts of great incantations to use against even the cleverest of opponents.

WINNER: After slipping a bit of Veritaserum into Tally’s water, Harry learns where her true intentions lie. Before he can confront her, a loud roar sounds through the arena and the ground begins to shake. Tally gets buried in the ensuing landslide.

Though Hazel has proven herself to be a formidable enemy, she is all alone. Lyra and her dæmon Pan can work together to find shelter and to outsmart the very intelligent Hazel Grace.

Hazel Grace knows that she won’t get to choose if she gets hurt in this Game, but she does have some say in who hurts her, and it won’t be Lyra. With a plan forming in her mind, she starts to trek through the trees.

WINNER: Early in the Game, Hazel Grace heard some kid babbling about feeling infinite—something she’s experienced only with one person. Not in the business of denying herself simple pleasures, and not wanting to give Lyra the satisfaction, she manages to climb to the top of a waterfall in the arena, removes her nubs, and takes a dive—for the first and last time.

Though she has the option of using her extensive training as a field agent against Meg, June instead decides to fall back on one of her favorite hobbies—observation. A quick sweep tells her that Meg, like most 12-year olds, is self-conscious. Instead of a physical attack, June goes for the emotional.

Math. So long as she keeps this about numbers and patterns, Meg stands a chance of unlocking the clue to escaping this arena. Strange that she has no trouble diving into microscopic mitochondria with angels, but this places stymies her. Because, despite her intellect, the only conceivable weapon Meg’s been given is love—and what is she going to do with that here?

WINNER: As any high school girl can tell you, a punch to the face would be preferable to words that continue to prick long after they’ve been uttered. A few comments on Meg’s braces and freakish smarts have her disarmed; June takes her down without any trouble.

If there is one thing Tiger Lily is known for, it’s her stoicism. Jonas can throw any chilling memory of “released” children or joyful reminiscences of sled rides, but Tiger Lily won’t flinch. She will remain as tough and alert as ever.

What Tiger Lily calls stoicism, Jonas sees as the Sameness that dulled his Community. As interacting with her won’t elicit much response, he uses his powers to “see ahead” and find a sturdy tree. From there, he’ll literally “see ahead,” lying in wait for approaching tributes, hefting rocks to throw.

WINNER: Tiger Lily knows all about hiding in trees from her time spent with Peter and the Lost Boys. She spots Jonas easily and chases him up to the top of the tree. Jonas steps on a branch that isn’t strong enough and falls to the ground.

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