Lit Madness Round Two Results: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Lit Madness Round Two Results: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

As we enter Round 2, the big guns start coming out: Sleep-inducing breath, magic coins, and bedroom skills. Find out which SFF characters come out on top in the next round of Lit Madness!

Aslan has a tendency of disappearing and reappearing when you least expect him; with madman Ahab after his hide, he’s been doing what he can to stay out of sight. His battle against Gandalf doesn’t worry him, however. He’s been dealing with magic since the dawn of creation. With little more than a breath, he can lull Gandalf to sleep and handle things from there.

Sleep is only one more of Gandalf’s tricks: He’s fooled his allies and enemies alike into thinking him too merry to fight, or dead when instead he was regrouping. In fact, he takes a small measure of delight in surprising his foes with a big re-entrance.

WINNER: Aslan and Gandalf are more evenly matched than they originally believed: Both have made it back from the dead before, think deeply before acting, and are magically gifted in ways no one else could imagine. Their battle is loud and long, disrupting everyone else in the arena with the Aslan’s deafening roars and Gandalf’s booming voice.

As the sun began to set, the two competitors tiring, Aslan makes a final move. His roar can bring life, but he knows all too well it can also be used to destroy. The ground crumbles beneath Gandalf’s feet. While he clings with his fingertips to the edge of the gaping hole Aslan created in the arena, he smiles one last time at the mighty beast before falling.

While Morgaine’s sexual encounters have typically brought some ugly consequences (Mordred, anyone?), she has magic on her side. With the power of second sight, she can predict Phèdre’s every move.

Earthly magic withers before the bronze-masked face of the angel Kushiel and his Dart, Phèdre. This Servant of Naamah has learned patience; having once been recklessly stubborn and rash, she knows how to outwait one as hotheaded as her. And when Morgaine cracks and starts throwing magic at her… Phèdre can’t suppress a shudder of delight.

WINNER: As Phèdre takes blow after blow (loving it all the time), Morgaine wearies and conserves her power. Realizing how much joy Phèdre takes out of her work, Morgaine uses her magic to escape the arena and journeys to Terre d’Ange to offer herself in service to Naamah, as well.

Gods don’t have moral compasses, either, so Shadow knows how to deal with people who will do anything to keep themselves alive. He has plenty of magic coins ready to take out Zinzi and her sloth.

As cozy as barbed wire, Zinzi’s time in prison makes the Game a cakewalk. Shadow may be built like a tank, but she’s physically fit and not afraid to stare him down. Plus, as a professional scammer, Zinzi isn’t buying any of Shadow’s coin tricks.

WINNER: Shadow Moon decides to use a different kind of trick on Zinzi. He hints that he would easily have killed her if only he hadn’t lost his godly weapon in the bottom of a deep lagoon. Zinzi, a finder of lost things, goes searching in the hopes that she can use it against him. Once she dives deep, Shadow calls on a goddess of the sea to drag her down.

Though the mortals she watches over never remember her, it’s exciting for Death to see how people have turned out since birth. She also gets to talk to them once they’re recently dead, something she did with Harry’s father—something she wants to share with the hardened warrior.

If Harry had cared about her father’s life after death, she would have tried to use her kelar to get in touch with him. Tiring of emotional manipulation, she instead conjures up her Gift to fight the Endless. Eyes burning bright gold, she prepares for this one-on-one battle.

WINNER: This is getting tedious. Taking advantage of Harry’s distraction as she musters her kelar, Death seizes the sword Gonturan and runs the woman through with it.

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