Lit Madness Round One Results: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Lit Madness Round One Results: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Galactic travelers and rulers of secret worlds—the characters of sci-fi and fantasy may be the best prepared for life in the arena. But how will they fare against each other?

Even Mr. Beaver knows that Aslan isn’t a tame lion. Despite Aslan being regarded as an ultimate force for good, Dent had better remember that this kitty still has his claws and unflinchingly destroyed an entire world of his own creation. He cut Susan out, and he will cut Dent, too.

While Arthur Dent does seem pretty harmless wandering around in his dressing gown, there is no doubting his survival skills. He manages to outlast the entire planet Earth and survive in a universe he didn’t even know existed!

WINNER: Every person sees Aslan differently based on his/her own perception of him. To calm Englishman Arthur Dent, Aslan is a towering beast. He faints dead away and Aslan resumes avoiding the crazed man with the harpoon.

After surviving several traumatic jumps back through time where she was forced to live as a plantation slave, Dana feels as though the arena can’t be any tougher. Her only fear is that her compassion may be her downfall.

Courtesan Phèdre was trained for an adventure as unique as this: She hears and remembers every little detail to use in courtly intrigues. Plus, this anguisette’s bedroom skills are enough to distract anyone—man or woman.

WINNER: Phèdre has never failed to read a potential patron, whether their tastes ranged from the cruel to the compassionate. Knowing that the only way to help Dana time travel out of the arena is to trick her into thinking she’s dying, Phèdre erotically asphyxiates Dana. The other woman goes dizzy and disappears, back to her time.

Once again, Quentin’s antisocial behavior might cripple him, since it makes it a lot harder for him to make allies. He’s at least grateful that he spent enough time training in isolation in Antarctica, that he knows how to harness his magic without any distraction.

Shadow Moon has fought gods, so it would take more than a magician to faze him. Having already died, he knows not to fear it, which makes him an enemy that would put himself at risk to kill the other person.

WINNER: Shadow Moon uses some of his magic coins to bring back his dead allies; with their help, he easily overpowers Quentin.

While some of these characters have a strong moral compass, Zinzi does not. Despite the guilt she experiences, she’s always willing to bend the line of ethics to survive. Plus, she’s got a sloth on her back that she’s connected to through psychic powers. The sloth can watch her back while Zinzi has her eyes on the prize.

Hiro bumps into Holden and Hal, who offer him some DMZ, but he turns it down after seeing how Snow Crash scrambles a person. Besides, he’s more focused on finding Y.T.

WINNER: Positive that this arena is an unexplored section of the Metaverse and nothing more, Hiro searches for a way to log off. While he’s searching for a way to remove his virtual reality goggles, Zinzi takes him out before he can even unsheathe his katana.

If you think that Gandalf is intimidated by a vampire, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. This wizard has dealt with orcs, dragons, and magical rings. Not to mention that he’s once before come back from the dead even stronger than before.

Dracula’s victory should be easy: One bite, and Gandalf is done (not to mention, a tasty meal). Just one graze of teeth in the scuffle. But of course, he can strike only at night.

WINNER: Dracula flees to the shadows of the woods, desperately trying to avoid the sunlight. Gandalf tries a couple of spells but figures the simplest solution is best and use his wooden staff to pierce Dracula’s heart.

Guy Montag is the kind of man you don’t push to the limits of emotional and physical endurance, unless you want to see him push back. Desperate enough to outrun the Mechanical Hound, and having learned how to memorize precious books so that someday they may be printed again, he know hows to survive.

With her built up frustrations at always being portrayed as an evil witch and her valid anger at being tricked into sleeping with her half-brother Arthur, no one should be getting into Morgan le Fay’s—or, as she prefers, Morgaine—way.

WINNER: Upon spotting Hal Incandenza smuggling a book into the arena, Montag remembers old woman who burned herself alive with her books, which heightens his aversion to flames. It all goes downhill from there: He refuses to boil water, contracts a virus, and can’t fight as Morgaine uses her powers of transfiguration to turn him into a weapon.

Harry is grateful to see her sword Gonturan (wielded by her forebear, the great Lady Aerin), in the Cornucopia. She runs for it, even though she knows that no one else can wield the sword but her.

Yukiko has survived in the wilderness before, and then, she had a flightless griffin on her hands. Now, she only has to look out for herself, and she is more than prepared to do so. She’s a big fan of Katniss’, but is disillusioned by the former champion’s complacent death.

WINNER: Yukiko’s disadvantage is how much she worries about other people—first, her griffin, and now Katniss. Harry takes advantage of Yukiko’s distraction and takes her down.

Death has an advantage that many lack: patience. She’s used to biding her time, waiting around for the perfect moment to strike. With her warm and perky attitude, she’s also been known to lure her subjects into a sense of comfort before freeing their soul from their body.

Though it takes Y.T. a while to recover her skateboard, she’s got enough self-defense weapons hidden on her person to fend off would-be attackers. Once this courier is united with her board, she’s able to evade Death’s grasp.

WINNER: At first, Death enjoys keeping up with Y.T. on her skateboard and dodging her flimsy attacks. But she has a job to do, and she takes it very seriously. She tosses a branch in the way of Y.T.’s skateboard, sending her tumbling down a hill. As Y.T.’s soul leaves her body, Death sends a cheery wave.

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