Lit Madness: Introducing Our Character Brackets!

Lit Madness: Introducing Our Character Brackets!

Happy Reaping Monday!

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In our desire to turn basketball’s March Madness into a literary event, we’ve selected 64 of our favorite book characters across four major genres and decided to set them loose in a Hunger Games-inspired arena.

Now, trust us, the last thing we actually want is character death.

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But there’s something undeniably awesome about sending all of our favorites into an arena and knowing that only one can come out as the best character—one who shows that they are brave, patient, clever, and perhaps a little cunning. (Yes, those are also descriptions of Hogwarts houses. Can I help that I’m placing my bets on Harry?)

Here you’ll find our starting bracket and our match dates. Come back March 20 to see how contenders from the Fiction and Young Adult brackets fared (as judged by the Bookish editorial team), and then return again for the Science Fiction & Fantasy and Mystery & Thriller face-offs.

Our top 16 (randomly paired) in each category all begin on even footing. As the Lit Madness goes on through April 7, characters will either succeed or fail based on their ability to play to their strengths and hide their weaknesses.

So print out your own bracket, make your guesses, and return on the below dates to see if your predictions for who would win are correct! Your prize for being right? Eternal literary glory! At least to your friends.

Print out your own bracket here!

Bookish Lit Madness full bracket


64 Characters Enter, 32 Leave

March 20

Fiction Bracket & Young Adult Bracket

March 21

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Bracket & Mystery/Thriller Bracket



32 Characters Enter, 16 Leave

March 24

Young Adult & Sci-Fi/Fantasy

March 25

Fiction & Mystery/Thriller



16 Characters Enter, 8 Leave

March 27

Mystery/Thriller & Young Adult

March 28

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Fiction



8 Characters Enter, 4 Leave

March 31

Fiction & Young Adult

April 1

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Mystery/Thriller



4 Characters Enter, 2 Leave

April 4



2 Characters Face Off

April 7

Close-ups of our genre brackets:

Bookish Lit Madness fiction bracket Bookish Lit Madness Mysteries and Thrillers bracket

Bookish Lit Madness Young Adult bracket Bookish Lit Madness Sci-Fi and Fantasy bracket


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