#KillYourTBR2017: March Reading Challenge

#KillYourTBR2017: March Reading Challenge

Let’s get back to your roots: We’re talking about the year you were born. Which books were published that year, and have you ever read any of them? How about that decade? This month, we’re encouraging readers to pick up books from the year or decade of their birth. This welcome blast from the past just might help you chip away at your TBR list, and revisit another decade while you’re at it!

Let us know which book you’re picking up on social media by using the hashtag #killyourtbr2017 or by commenting below. At the end of the month, we’ll publish an article featuring the books YOU are reading for the challenge. Click here to see what Bookish readers picked up in February.

Here are some recommendations if you don’t know where to start. We decided to categorize books based on their original publication date, but feel free to use the date they were published in your preferred reading language.










  1. I’m a 90s kid. So, I just looked through my stack I plan to read this month, and one of them is indeed a 90s book! WIN. I’ll be reading a book from one of my favorite childhood series, this one is called Summer Rider from The Saddle Club. :)

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