#KillYourTBR2017: February Reading Challenge

#KillYourTBR2017: February Reading Challenge

Love is a many splendored thing. Some even say it’s all you need, but we’d counter that you also need books. In honor of this heart-shaped-candy-filled month, our TBR challenge is to read a love story. This doesn’t need to be a romance. It could involve the love between friends, a parent and child, a boy and a dog, or a woman and nature. Comb through your TBR piles for the perfect choice, or check out recommendations below if you don’t know where to start.

Let us know which love story you’re picking up on social media by using #killyourtbr2017 or by commenting below. At the end of the month, we’ll publish an article featuring the books YOU are reading for the challenge. Click here to see what Bookish readers picked up in January.

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  1. I’m reading two books this month that fit this challenge. The first is a straight-up romance from Eloisa James (Seven Minutes in Heaven) and the other is Game of Thrones—a book packed with murder, politics, magic, and, yes, love.

  2. Right now I can think of one romance I’m wanting to read this month, which works perfectly for the challenge. The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen. Really looking forward to this one!

  3. Room absolutely killed me. I’m reading a love-story of sorts. It’s called I Liked My Life and one of the POVs is the mother who has died. The other two are her daughter and her widowed husband. This book is both devastatingly sad and hilariously funny.

  4. I read somewhat of a coming of age love story in The Sun is Also A Star by Nicole Yoon. I love her writing style. The characters Natasha and Daniel had me truly invested in the story and how the universe will affect their relationship.

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