#KillYourTBR2016: November’s Reading Challenge

#KillYourTBR2016: November’s Reading Challenge


There are only two months left in Bookish’s 2016 TBR Challenge. Are your shelves starting to empty out? Let’s take a look at what our staff members read for October (books we had been given or lent).

Kelly’s October Challenge

As predicted, my friends enjoyed this month as much as I did. Finally I was able to catch up on books that had been given to me years before, and talk about them with the friends who gave them to me.

Elizabeth’s October Challenge

I read Patient H. M., which was totally fascinating. I loved the mix of history and personal narrative in this book. Fans of popular neuroscience should definitely pick this one up. Kelly was onto something when she gave me a copy!

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This month’s challenge is a bit different than all of the others. For November, we want you to step away from your TBR shelves and instead look at the books you’ve read in the past. Are there any where the plot is a little fuzzy? Can you even remember if you enjoyed them or not? Do you feel guilty saying that you’ve read some of those titles even though it’s been years since you flipped the pages? This month we want you to reread the books that you can’t remember having read.


Kelly’s November Challenge


I remember loving this book the first time I read it. To this day, if it’s brought up in conversation I share how much I remember enjoying it. But it’s been years since I’ve visited the doctor and his creature, and while I can rattle off the plot with ease, I can’t properly articulate just why I found it to be so captivating in the first place. It’s time to remedy that.


The Queen of the Tearling

The final book in this series is coming out this fall, and I want to make sure I approach the ending with every detail of how it began fresh in my mind.


The Wizard, the Witch, and Two Girls from Jersey

This book got me out of a major reading slump in high school. I lost my copy years ago (after lending it to a friend who never returned it), and recently came across it again in a used bookstore. I can’t remember anything about the plot, so I’m excited to dive in and explore.


Elizabeth’s November Challenge


I read this book years ago when it first came out, and was incredibly impressed by the marriage of storytelling and reporting in its pages. It’s no secret that Dave Eggers is one of my favorite writers (he went to my high school!), and I remember loving this as much as his fiction. My memories of this book are mostly hazy, and I look forward to reading it with fresh eyes.

The Pink Trance Notebooks

Wayne Koestenbaum’s writing is incredibly dynamic and alive. I find that every time I revisit his words, I take something new away from the experience. I remember wanting to underline and highlight huge swaths of this text the last time I read it. I look forward to rereading those sections, as well as discovering new ones!

Kelly Gallucci
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