#KillYourTBR2016: May’s Reading Challenge

#KillYourTBR2016: May’s Reading Challenge

One book at a time, our TBR piles are shrinking. Before we dive into this new month’s exciting challenge, let’s look back at our editors’ April challenges. Last month, the goal was to read books outside of your comfort zone or in a genre you don’t often read.

Kelly’s April Challenge

I got to two of the three books this month, and I think that should count. I picked up Anna and the Swallow Man and Grounded, but passed on The Glass Sentence in favor of rereading A Court of Thorns and Roses to prepare for the sequel A Court of Mist and Fury. Maybe my reading challenge for 2017 can be to go back and read all of the books I said I’d read and didn’t in 2016.

Elizabeth’s April Challenge

I also read two out of my three books this month. My goal was to read more fiction, since I’m a total nonfiction junkie. I read The Mare and really enjoyed it—Mary Gaitskill remains one of my favorite authors. I also read As I Lay Dying and was totally blown away. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I hit the final page, and I loved the tension between tragedy and total farce in this work.

May is an exciting month in this year-long challenge. The goal is to read classics, meaning that at the end of this month you may have earned some literary bragging rights. But we want to make it clear that the term classics is open to interpretation. It can refer to staples such as Pride and Prejudice, but it may also refer to classics within a genre such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or The Shining. Make sure to let us know what you’re reading by using #KillYourTBR2016 on social media.

Here are the books our editors are picking up.

Kelly’s May Goals

The Bell Jar

I have wanted to read this book for a long time. It was even one of my Reading Regrets of 2015 (and a book I said I’d read in February and didn’t get to). This month, I’m making it my top priority.

The Glass Castle

This is a book that so many of my friends rank among their favorites, and I feel as though every book club I know has read it. I think it’s about time I do too.


I’ve been on a graphic novel kick recently, and this is one of the many classics in the genre that I have never gotten to read.

Elizabeth’s May Goals

The Executioner’s Song

Hoo, boy. This is one hefty book, and I am determined to read it. Dave Eggers promises in the jacket copy that this is a very fast thousand-pager, and I sure hope he’s right. I don’t think I’ve lugged around a book this big since Infinite Jest.

Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil

What can I say? After bingeing on fiction last month, I’m ready for some more classic nonfiction in my life. This is one of those books that I feel like everyone has read but me, and I’m ready to fix that.

Angela’s Ashes

This is another one of those books that everyone I know has already read (and loved). One day, I’m going to read it. I hope that day is in May 2016.

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