Five Things to Discuss at Your July Book Club Meeting

Five Things to Discuss at Your July Book Club Meeting


The main topic of discussion at your July book club meeting will definitely be whichever exciting new release your group read. But why not start and end your meetings with a bit of general bookish chatter as well? We’re halfway through 2019, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on the books you’ve read so far this year. Use the topics below to spark a conversation at your next meeting.


Make a list, check it twice
Look back on the titles your group has read in 2019 and ask members to sort through them by favorite, least favorite, and best discussion. You can learn a lot by revisiting the books in this way. Try to see if you can spot any patterns in the books that your group seems to enjoy the most, and take note of the kinds of books that result in the best conversations.

What’s missing?
As you look over your club’s 2019 reads, consider what might be missing from your selections. Are you hitting the same genres and subgenres too often? Are you reading about a diverse range of experiences? Answering these questions can help you shape upcoming picks and get your club out of their comfort zone.

Look ahead
Many book clubs plan out all of the books they’re going to read for the year, but even the best laid plans need to change sometimes. Take a look at the next few books on your agenda. Do any look too similar to something you’ve all read recently? Is there one you’d like to swap out so you instead can read that buzzy summer book everyone’s talking about? Don’t be afraid to switch things up.

Talk the talk
The best part of a book club meeting is the discussion, but a lot of work goes into keeping the conversation flowing. Do you follow a discussion guide or let a member moderate? Do members come with questions or do you tackle elements of the book like plot and character piece by piece? Think about what’s worked and what hasn’t in your meetings and consider creative ways to structure future discussions.

Evaluate your set-up
A lot goes into planning a book club meeting. Sometimes consistency is key, and other times it’s important to consider what elements may need to be revisited. Does the meeting location still work for everyone? Would members prefer to be more budget conscious? Should the group open itself up to new members? You can test out changes at your next meeting and evaluate everything again come December.

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