A Tolkien of Affection: 12 Gifts for J.R.R. Tolkien Lovers

A Tolkien of Affection: 12 Gifts for J.R.R. Tolkien Lovers

We were so excited about Tolkien Reading Day that we skipped our second breakfast and got right to celebrating. First, we pulled together a list of our favorite J.R.R. Tolkien quotes. Now, for you travelers who don’t want to return to the Shire empty-handed, we’ve gathered 12 Tolkien-inspired gifts. It’s time to load up your pack with these goodies and head out on an adventure!

We know you never want to stop reading but sometimes you must. Here’s a Hobbit-y way to keep your place.


You’ll be the envy of the Shire with this Tolkien-themed phone case.


Wherever life leads you, you’ll never lose your way when you’re wearing this compass.


Fill this mug with ale (or tea) and enjoy your second breakfast.


We think this Funko Gollum figure is precious.


With these wallets you can put your money where your favorite books are.


Keep the Two Trees of Valinor close to your heart with this beautiful pendant.


Let the map of Mordor protect your hand from piping hot coffee.


Here’s a onsie for the true Lord of the Rings.


You too can be Gandalf with this rug at your door.


You can now say with this ring I thee wed… in Westron, or Elvish, or Khuzdûl.


Here’s a cozy hole for the Hobbit who has everything.


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