John Green Announces Paper Towns Adaptation and Q Casting

John Green Announces Paper Towns Adaptation and Q Casting


Do you ever wake up and feel like life is somehow different? As though during the night the planets shifted, new alignments have formed, and now the spinning of the Earth is ever so slightly off? If you felt that way this morning, it’s likely because your YA-senses were going berzerk. Why? Oh I don’t know, probably because PAPER TOWNS IS BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE!

Last night John Green (YA author, Vlogger, soul killer) announced on his Twitter that his third novel was picked up by Fox 2000, the same film studio that is behind the adaptation of Green’s most popular novel The Fault in Our Stars.

Though we’ve yet to see TFIOS, we’ve run out of tissues from watching the trailer on loop and are positive we’ll be happy (if not dead inside) with the resulting product. With that in mind, we’re ecstatic to add that those same producers and screenwriters will be adapting  Paper Towns. If I were them, I’d patent “The John Green Dream Team” right now.

With the same humor and depth of TFIOS, Paper Towns tells the story of Quentin (“Q”) and his neighbor Margo. After years of growing apart, she appears one night at his window and drags him along on a revenge-fueled adventure. When she then disappears without a trace, he begins picking up on clues she left and sets out to find her.

A final interesting twist is that Nat Wolff, who co-stars in TFIOS as Isaac, is signed on as well to playPaper Towns‘ Quentin, a.k.a. Q. Maybe I’m obsessing over recent Pixar theories, but my first thought is that I had believed all of the John Green books took place within the same universe, and having Wolff (who BTW was in The Naked Brothers Band, you guys remember that show?!) play both Q and Isaac shatters that illusion.

Still, we’re pretty excited to see him portray the blind, yet hilarious, Isaac in TFIOS as well as the lovestruck Q. Beyond anything else, to see Green boldly partnering up for a second time with so many of the same people is only further proof that TFIOS will be as epic as we’ve all dreamed. As forPaper Towns, Green is going to be an executive producer on the project. With him at the wheel, we’re happy to ride shotgun wherever he wants to take us.

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