It’s a Jungle: Must-Read Guides for Job Seekers

It’s a Jungle: Must-Read Guides for Job Seekers


All those tasseled caps tossed into the air by fresh-faced college graduates this spring have now hit the ground with a thud: Working-world newbies embarking on career paths will have to face the reality of an ever-competitive job market. Even seasoned professionals aren’t immune to these pressures: With businesses increasingly relying on Internet networking and social media to discover candidates, there’s a whole new slew of tactics that savvy job hunters will have to master in order to score their ideal position. So, before you cast your résumé into the great abyss, make sure you’re doing yourself and your qualifications justice. These books, filled with job market facts, tips and examples, make great resources for both new and experienced workers seeking their next great gig.

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    1. Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

    Get noticed
    Alas, the days of circling jobs ads in the newspaper’s classifieds section are long gone. Landing your dream job in the 21st century often requires a blend of Internet savvy and bold in-person engagement. Hiring and recruiting experts Levinson and Perry teach readers how to find jobs using little-known Internet search techniques, how to market themselves using social media channels including Facebook and Linkedin and how to land—and stay—on a hiring manager’s radar.

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    2. Unbeatable Résumés

    Look good on paper
    Recruitment expert and frequent “Dr. Phil” guest Tony Beshara has seen tens of thousands of résumés and personally placed 8,500 job applicants in industries ranging from engineering and advertising to administration. In “Unbeatable Resumes,” he boils his vast knowledge down to key bites of information you need to turn that bullet-pointed sheet of paper into your ticket to success: How to use your breaks in employment and job changes to your advantage, which keywords will make you stand out and how to ensure that your résumé falls into the right hands are among the insights within.

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    3. You Majored in What?

    Work with what you’ve got
    Think your degree in East Asian Studies won’t help you in your job as a personal assistant? Think again. Not every college major is tailored to the working world, says  Katharine Brooks, a renowned career counselor for liberal arts students: in fact, few are. But every area of interest and niche skill set can be adapted to the demands of the office. Brooks shows readers how to harvest their academic experiences for practical purposes without losing a sense of intellectual integrity.

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    4. Gallery of Best Cover Letters

    Get in the door
    A cover letter is a crucial first impression that can boost or destroy your chances of getting an interview.  David F. Noble’s book presents a compendium of winning cover letters and shows readers how to optimize them for different types of jobs.

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    5. 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

    Be ready for curveballs
    This guide by  Ron Fry, a national speaker on job searches, doesn’t just enumerate 101 zingers. It also gives you tools to identify types of questions, assess your interviewing committee, look the part and troubleshoot when things go awry.


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