Isle of the Lost Giveaway: What Does Your Favorite Disney Villain Say About You?

Isle of the Lost Giveaway: What Does Your Favorite Disney Villain Say About You?

Here at Bookish, we love a good (and by that we mean bad) villain. Sure, heroes save the day, do the right thing, blah, blah, blah. But there is something incredibly fascinating about a baddie: What are their motives, why do they act this way, and what are they really like? And few villains entrance us more than Maleficent. From Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of her in the 2014 film to her recent appearance in Once Upon a Time, the Mistress of all Evil suddenly is everywhere these days. But why is that? Author Melissa de la Cruz has a theory.

Just out this week, de la Cruz’s The Isle of the Lost features a slew of Disney villains, making her the perfect person to ask. In this prequel to the Disney Channel original movie, The Descendants, four children of famous villains take center stage and attempt to live up to the dark and devious reputations of their parents. There is Jafar’s son Jay, Cruella’s son Carlos, the Evil Queen’s daughter Evie, and then there’s Mal, daughter of the one and only Maleficent.

When telling us about Maleficent, de la Cruz pointed out that she’s arguably the “most powerful… she did put an entire kingdom to sleep.” Plus she’s equipped with an entire army of goblins to do her bidding, and unlike many villains, she possesses dark magical powers and can even transform herself into a deadly fire-breathing dragon.

“She was always my favorite villain,” de la Cruz admits. “I loved Maleficent… We can all relate to her anger at being left out of [the celebration of Aurora’s birth]. That kind of hurt is something that we all have felt and we all kind of understand.”

Perhaps that’s where our obsession with her lies: in our understanding of her feelings. As de la Cruz jokingly pointed out, “Who wouldn’t want to curse the princess after not receiving an invitation?”

With this in mind, we began to wonder ourselves just what our favorite villains say about us. Does Scar represent our feelings of inadequacy in climbing the social ladder? Does Hook represent our ever-fleeting youth, tick tick ticking down every day?

We want to know what you think! Tell us in the form below which villain you identify with and why for a chance to win a copy of Isle of the Lost and a Descendants prize pack!


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