How to Prank Your Favorite Reader

How to Prank Your Favorite Reader

Sugar in the salt shaker? Boring. Plastic wrap over the toilet seat? Been there, done that. If you’re looking for some truly heinous tricks, we’re talking really maniacal stuff, try pranking a reader—though be prepared for the untold wrath you’re sure to unleash. Bookish is not responsible for the loss of friendships if you follow through on these pranks.


You know that book they’ve been addicted to recently? Hide it.

Tuck their bookmark in so they think they’ve lost their place.

Tell them you put a book back on their bookshelf. When they ask if you put it back in the appropriate spot, shrug and say “maybe”—watch as their OCD takes over.


Accidentally reveal a “spoiler.” Don’t make it real (they actually might kill you), just make it sound real.

Let them know you lent the book they let you borrow to someone else and you’re sure they’ll be really careful with it.

Mention that their favorite author tweeted about taking a hiatus from writing.

Casually say that you hate their favorite character.

Or ‘ship.

Tell them you buy all of your books from Amazon because no one goes to indie bookstores anymore.

Invite them over for a Silent Reading Party. Throw an actual party instead.

Mention that Hollywood is making a movie out of their favorite book and Michael Bay is directing.

Tell them you liked Fifty Shades of Gray for the unique characterization and wonderful storytelling.

Casually compare their S.O. to their least favorite character.

Inform them that the YA dystopian they’re currently obsessed with won’t have a new book out for another six years. (Be warned, any seasoned A Song of Ice and Fire fan will likely shrug this off; they’ve perfected the art of patience.)

Show up with a bag from a bookstore, tell them you saw a book you knew they’d love and you just had to get it for them. Pull out a copy of Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s dystopian YA novel

Then pull out a book they’ll actually enjoy and apologize for relentlessly pranking them.


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