How to Pick the Perfect Wine for Your Book Club Meeting

How to Pick the Perfect Wine for Your Book Club Meeting

wine for your book club meeting

Wine makes an excellent addition to book club meetings. Many book clubs enjoy sipping a glass while discussing their latest reading experience, but it can be intimidating to pick out the right bottle to serve. Read on for tips for picking out the perfect wine for your book club meeting.


Start with the basics
Some people have strong preferences when it comes to red wine versus white wine. Make sure everyone in your club drinks whatever kind of wine you plan on serving or offer options.


Ask the pros!
Visit your local wine store and chat up the people who work there. Tell them you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing wine for a book club meeting. We suggest telling them a bit about the book and mentioning any food you know you’ll be serving. They’re sure to have recommendations!


Location, location, location
Did your club read a book set in France? Pick up a French wine. Do the characters travel to California? Try out something from Napa or Sonoma. You can transport yourselves to the characters’ world by indulging in wine from their region.


Look down
New carpet and red wine don’t mix. Need we say more? 


Keep an eye on costs
There are lots of great and reasonably priced wines available at stores like Trader Joe’s and Costco. No need to buy bottles that will break the bank!


Let the plot guide you
Take a look at what’s happening in the novel. A historical book could be a great reason to pick up an older vintage, while a story set in modern times might lead you to a newer year. Similarly, a bubbly protagonist pairs perfectly with a sparkling wine, while a murder mystery would go well with a full-bodied red.


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